intermediation in a sentence

Example sentences for intermediation

Such a system would leave room for money funds to continue effective intermediation within the saving process.
And yes, the people who talk about the next new thing are talking about re-intermediation.
Widespread insolvency then jams up credit intermediation, hurts the economy, and leads to further default and insolvency.
Off-balance-sheet vehicles were used to create further layers of intermediation, making things even more opaque.
Broadly speaking, liquidity and financial intermediation have emerged as key topics in macroeconomics and finance.
Second, there may be several layers of intermediation between the fund manager and the client.
It limits them to their legitimate purpose, namely intermediation as opposed to gambling.
Now he wants the level of financial intermediation in the economy to rise threefold.
The best audits are run in a way that mirror outside intermediation for counseling.
People now buy their electricity, gas and water directly from utility firms without any intermediation by local government.
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