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Example sentences for interloper

That's a security guard moving in at right to intercept the interloper.
The nitrogen interloper provides an extra electron which can be used to generate photons or to store quantum information.
If an interloper manages to evade the cameras and somehow get inside, he will face other high-tech security measures.
Loosestrife has gone from being a nuisance and an interloper to a botanical bully and a green cancer.
The interloper does so by forcing one of the molecules in the cluster to share a hydrogen bond with it.
Horner doesn't want to leave any fossils lying around unguarded in case the interloper is a robber and smuggler.
The blue galaxy is disrupted and has new star formation which strongly suggests it is the interloper.
Poets envisioned him as a handsome interloper from the east, with a shoulder blade made of ivory.
It seems oddly fitting for a people who are perpetual outsiders that even their patron saint is an interloper.
Nothing happened by chance, only as an effect of spell-casting by a wicked interloper.
Now whenever the cell divides to copy itself, it also makes copies of the interloper.
Betty's scheming co-workers resent her in the same way immigration demagogues do: she's an interloper.
Occasionally, a celestial interloper called a comet arrives on the scene.
The bear, looking up at the interloper, roared with rage and frustration.
She continued to protest their entry as they searched each room for the possible interloper.
The interloper usually does the same, and there is thus a relationship of emotional display rather than one of physical violence.

Famous quotes containing the word interloper

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