interlock in a sentence

Example sentences for interlock

The teeth on those gears aren't even and the way they interlock mean they'd never turn.
If two people feel vulnerable simultaneously, these two tendencies can interlock and increase synergistically.
Each molar has three distinct cusps that interlock when their jaw is closed, forming a sieve for straining krill from the water.
The reverse has more charming cubs in mittens and booties, all printed on a soft, easily washable cotton interlock.
Surrounding this tube is a sheath consisting of three steel segments designed so that they interlock and form a circular jacket.
The light's waves are precisely tuned to interlock with each other and become trapped.
Ford will notify owners beginning next week and dealers will inspect for and replace faulty interlock switches.
If the second tip works, you may need a shifter interlock cable adjustment.

Famous quotes containing the word interlock

People stress the violence. That's the smallest part of it. Football is brutal only from a distance. In the middle of it... more
Only in books the flat and final happens, Only in dreams we meet and interlock....... more
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