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Example sentences for interlaced

Traditional solar cells are usually arranged in a flat metal plate interlaced with conductive wires.
It is interlaced and interconnected with all levels of economies.
Their hands are not clasped together or even interlaced.
It is composed of several layers of fibers, which vary in length, but are closely interlaced with each other.
Scattered throughout the central gray stratum are numerous nerve cells of various sizes, interlaced, by a net-work of fine fibers.
Tightly-woven webbing is interlaced and secured to the base.
Progressive-scan players scan twice the number of horizontal lines as a standard interlaced player, producing a sharper picture.
The medinas are the original cities enclosed by walls and interlaced with winding alleys too narrow for cars.
Make one transparent and the second interlaced using the above tutorials.
The refuge's fertile forests and three hundred lakes are interlaced with streams, sloughs, and bayous.
Moderate to good, given that this is a format typically used for compression and does not support interlaced video.
Indication whether digital video item is scanned in an interlaced or progressive mode.

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See where my Love sits in the beds of spices, Beset all round with camphor, myrrh, and roses, And interlacedmore
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