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Example sentences for interject

Do not interrupt others during conversation or interject during pauses or long silences.
Potter also began to interject and to snap her fingers in frustration.
He tends to sit back quietly, waiting for the right moment to interject.
It is a known fact that historians always interject their own personal biases and prejudices in their scholarly work.
Occasionally, an emcee will interject brief interludes of cabaret or comedy.
But, they also interject their own experiences into the message.
The answer, in part, lies in the human's ability to interject himself into the wolf's social system.
The conversation will be on one thing, and they interject with a remark from left field.
If their opponent pair thinks that they missed anything or got anything wrong, they should interject and correct the other pair.
Volunteers do not interject into either a conference or a negotiation.
Interpreters should never interject their own words, phrases, or expressions.
Interpreters should not interject any statement or elaboration of their own.
All three facilitators should observe the groups and interject as necessary.
The discussion will be facilitated by the teachers who will interject ideas when appropriate.
Maybe this will interject some new life into the discussion.
After having been cautioned, the complainant again interrupted the proceeding to interject issues that were not being discussed.
We decline to interject an element of a hospital's control into this highly individualized and dynamic relationship.
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