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As the country awaits an early election there are a few possibilities for who will take control in the interim.
The interim government will have to contend with the same cantankerous parliament that made life miserable for the old leadership.
In cases where technology is not yet sufficient to automate the job, offshoring is likely to be pursued as a interim solution.
Meanwhile, both government agencies call for interim warning labels on all products containing the chlorofluorocarbon propellants.
But in the interim there had been a marked increase in basic-skills levels, and so the norms were out-of-date.
And they quizzed them on their relationships in the interim.
There has been a discovery on your own shores which will make this fuel cell thing little more than an interim step.
In the meantime, looking at creative ways to retrofit existing equipment is a good interim strategy.
Scientists who left the field in the interim might never return.
The world-wide stimulus package to prop up the crumbling economy is an interim measure.
Their interim use until alternative sources can be developed and become reliable is a given.
Despite being the same species, interim generations do not make the long trip.
It's unclear how much spent fuel is on the site and how much has been moved to the processing plant or interim facility.
For now, the risk is that the interim report does not get the attention it deserves.
Foreign observers congratulated the country's interim leaders on a job well done.
The country's streets have now calmed, with the army in charge of a wobbly interim government.
The crisis is not of the army-backed interim government's own making.
Anonymity orders are often issued against newspapers a few hours before publication as an interim measure pending a full hearing.
In practice, interim committees have become the norm.
The interim government that is meant to restore order and prepare for presidential elections within six months is fragile.
If the demonstrators were to topple the government, they could draw on capable technocrats to form an interim administration.
Industrial production may be adversely affected in the interim.
In the interim, enhanced publicity is indispensable.
The interim melee is stretching everyone's patience.
In this messy interim, its responses and pronouncements have been inconsistent.
In the long interim, the unemployment rate went from three per cent to twenty-five per cent.
In the interim, it has had its ups and downs, but the overall trend has been negative.
Batteries are good for the interim but definitely not the solution.
He was able to report that in the interim five more machines had gone down.
The minutes for interim committee meetings will first appear on each web page without the exhibits attached.
In the interim, it is likely to express itself in numerous disparate parts.
In retrospect, the interim consequences can be confusing.

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