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Example sentences for interglacial

It appears that they lived there during a warm interglacial period where the weather was slightly more hospitable.
We are, after all, in an interglacial period of an ice age.
Perhaps the climate sensitivity during a glacial period is less than during interglacial or warm periods.
We are living near the end of a interglacial period.
The normal thing that has happened during each interglacial in the past is that sea level rises.
We are currently in an interglacial period, with close to total melting having already occurred.
When sea level rises during the next interglacial, a new wave-cut terrace is eroded below the previous interglacial terrace.
At that time, glacial conditions began and temperatures fluctuated widely, ranging from full glacial to interglacial conditions.
Ice ages are punctuated by interglacial periods of relative warmth, such as the one marking the close of the twentieth century.
During these warmer interglacial stages, the ice melted and returned to the sea.
The bones of all of these warm-climate animals are commonly found in the interglacial deposits here.
Global sea level rises when the polar ice caps melt, or during warm interglacial periods.
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