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Supports real-time experience through seamless mind-body interface.
It's pretty common that the parents rely on their children to interface with the world.
The web interface, however, is not searchable or optimized for a mobile experience.
Even after two years, the interface still seems unintuitive.
The first is excellent on the cosmology and physics interface and the second is great at debunking pseudoscience lunacy de jour.
Once it is installed, users can access it through the printer interface of whatever program they happen to be using.
The drag-and-drop interface makes arranging tweets, photos, and videos easy.
They will need to engage faculty willing to produce the interface, programming, and illustration templates for nearly nothing.
Since then, the biggest changes have come in look and interface.
Lantern has a time line that combines all my communications and photos in one neat interface.
It was easier to deduce that the interface might change than that the words people would want to read would be different, too.
Apple already blew up user interface design with the mouse and then the touchscreen.
They are more likely to complain about the user interface design on a software application than their own lot in life.
Desire is channeled by the user interface of these sites.
The user interface still sucked, and new features had stopped appearing.
We'll certainly have some kind of implant interface by then, in my opinion.
It was a foreign land to me, with its confusing navigation menus and counterintuitive interface.
Well, except for learning to blog on this interface.
Maps land management agencies' hazardous fuels program projects in relation to the wildland urban interface communities.
The tactile pleasure the interface provides beyond its utility quickly brought it accolades.
Electrical and avionics interface and functional tests were also performed.
All take power readings and keep a running tally you can view through a web interface or mobile app.
There is one more tool available that might be better than this, it looks beautiful and interface is much better.
The brain is the mind body interface but it faces both ways.
The layers have different refractive indices, and incoming light waves are bent and reflected at each interface.
With real money on the line, one player was in charge of proposing how the two would split the funds via a computer interface.
When you move your hand, that's an interface out of your brain.
It's the interface between life and everything that's outside.
The body would need to literally become the interface.
He started with an interface designed for creating video games.
Instead, simple mutations caused them to lose an interface.
We've found that the interface is incredibly important in robots.
The device, called a liquid metal thermal interface, uses a highly conductive liquid metal to transfer heat away.
It doesn't care what happens at the sea-air interface.
Science should not be fear-based, it should interface with holism, and stop trying to beat-down the valid aspects of spirit.
But the heart of the book are the welter of new research at the interface of behavior genetics and cognitive neuroscience.
Each has a small power button on the side, but they're otherwise controlled through the touch-screen interface.
It has a simple menu interface, where you answer yes or no to all questions, such as when you are changing settings.
In other words, the design and interface of an airline's website really can have a significant effect on its bottom line.
If so, this is an apt illustration of how technology as autonomous system changes any system to conform to its interface.
Apple's big advantage is controlling all parts of its products, from the user interface to the processor.
Second, the interface is non-invasive, and merely relies on electrodes stuck on to the skin.
Executive search seems to use the web a lot, yet retain the partner interface with the client.
The edge-the interface with users and devices-also has to become clever.
The interface is familiar enough that training usually takes hours rather than weeks.
And perhaps some day a virtual interface for reading will give me those kinds of spatial referents.
Water flows down the other branch, creating an oil-water interface when the two liquids meet.
The interface between the two materials can be switched from insulating to conducting by applying a voltage across the interface.
So in other words, there's software bloat and then there's interface.
The large temperature gradient across the device puts mechanical stress on the contact-thermoelectric interface.
He also created and led the company's research and development lab that explored digital user experience and interface design.
Formally this is known as the wildland-urban interface.
They tamper with the operating system's interface and clutter it up with preinstalled apps of questionable value.
But if you could interface with the ad directly, you might be tempted to stay.
Enter your arrival and departure stations and travel dates in the ticket booking interface.
Call the hotel and make your reservation or fill out the check-in and check-out dates on its website booking interface.
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