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Perennials and bulbs offer still more colorful, interesting choices.
Today, these dense chopped salads are making a comeback as an interesting alternative to mixed green salads.
The mix of apricots, spices, and tomatoes gives an interesting and delicious twist to chicken dinner.
Thanks for sharing and posting this great article with lots of interesting ideas.
Great job showing a healthier life style with some interesting flavors.
Especially when you can do something a lot more interesting with the space.
It's funny to me that such a thing exists, but it really is an interesting site.
So even if the plants self-pollinate, you can get different and interesting flowers.
There's an interesting story behind the property, too.
Without this trade in spices, eating would be much less interesting.
Few would deny that such services have made the world a smarter, livelier, more interesting place.
But the influx of foreign colleges might have more interesting consequences, too.
To a large extent, this is implicit in the problem of interesting children.
It is interesting in this connection to note that he confesses his lack of patience for verification.
These make when brought together an interesting and picturesque display.
Traveling with teens can be challenging, especially when you are trying to find places they will find interesting.
Menstruation is a part of concealed estrus, the development of which is certainly an interesting aspect of human evolution.
The story of the cancer patient and his lapse in belief is interesting, and may point to an ethical dilemma for researchers.
The fact that a particle interferes with itself is why it is so interesting.
Interesting post although not due to the overall article.
But if you take the other meaning of the caption, it will be more interesting.
But the findings aside, the study raises many interesting ethical questions.
It is interesting to know also that people who listen to music solely because it is popular do not listen that closely to it.
It would therefore be interesting to learn something more of the process reported in your article.
It is an interesting read, but these theories are not well supported.
It will also be interesting to examine how different genders respond to breaches in confidence following oxytocin administration.
The officers discussion is also an interesting question too.
The finding that people fail to notice unexpected events when their attention is otherwise engaged is interesting.
The history lesson in the article is interesting and seems to be on target, and the comments complement the picture it paints.
There's probably no other place one could go and see on public display a more interesting collection of diamonds.
The jar is left on the floor for an hour, but the subject finds napping more interesting.
It is an interesting, unexpected expression of hemp, enjoyable even without its famous effects.
Well that is indeed an interesting way to use freeze-dried fruits and veggies.
It only gets interesting when you start tossing in other things-ham, some cheese, maybe a sautéed mushroom or two.
It makes you realize that the search for interesting, delicious food and the search for nutritious food have a lot in common.
Life became not necessarily easier, but certainly much more interesting.
Most appetizer menus are much more interesting than their main-course cousins.
But humans, in this case, had some of the less interesting reactions to the quake.
It's an interesting bit of research, based on computer modeling.
In the age of transparency it is interesting that science naturally has a culture of some secrecy.
Interesting read but several questions still remain.
It is so interesting to learn about how and why objects or information is discovered.
We know that empires crumble: what's interesting is how.
In fact, there's no end of interesting applications.
He argues that having interesting technology without a compelling market is not a good place to be as a business.
But an interesting question is why the amplification has to be done electronically.
All this presents researchers with an interesting opportunity.
Distributed security tokens become an interesting part of such cars.
However, it also raises an interesting new question for advertisers and marketing executives.
While that's an interesting conjecture, nobody has come up with experimental proof.
The future is interesting because of the influence of technology.
Interesting idea that would be fascinating to see in action.
So this is interesting work, and not necessarily an attempt to sell drugs.
Another interesting rehabilitation device that debuted this year is based on a modified game controller.
Answer: because the science selection process ruthlessly weeds-out interesting and imaginative people.
With that in mind, it is interesting to see the graphical representation of this extinction data.
Although these illustrations are interesting and pretty they are not to scale.
Another interesting question is whether the joins can be made flexible.
It will be interesting to see if history comes around to seeing his side of things.
He's a really interesting character, charming, so fly.
Skipping over the bits about his insatiable warmongering, the paper uncovered some interesting information in the epilogue.
The arc of the conversation is interesting to follow.
The show drifted further and further away from interesting character development and edged closer every week to self-parody.
Description is only interesting insofar as it leads to recognition and surprise.
The next few months are likely to offer some interesting clues.
The former may well turn out to be true, but in my opinion the latter would be a much more interesting conclusion.
Together with the story of the development of the state in the first part there are many other interesting subsidiary discussions.
But the small puzzlements of the words themselves, the cancelled or broken phrases, the second choices-these are interesting.
It is interesting to compare these observations with studies by scholars actually concerned with historical events.
Much more interesting are movies that in some way explore the psychology of running, even if they are mostly about other matters.
And you couldn't miss something interesting in that time capsule.
Fondue can be another fun way to make a meal interesting.

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