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The elephant-management plan comes after extensive consultations with interest groups.
There is a mostly quiet struggle underway already between public-interest groups and commercial interests.
Accredited observers from public interest groups will have full access to observe the proceedings.
To give the various special interest groups time to pay off politicians for their pound of flesh.
For years, special-interest groups have raised money to buy and rope off wild lands to protect them.
The only reason this is being debated is because of special interest groups not human interest groups.
Unfortunately the politics of ignorance and special interest groups have made any such consideration untenable.
Some might call that a euphemism for giving critical interest groups cash for their support.
It's that the statements that politicians make is an indicator of which interest groups have pressure over him.
It is interested in limiting costs where those are paid to other professionals and interest groups, not doctors.
Politicians need to stop catering to special interest groups and start trying to help the majority.
In addition, the debate is conditioned by more powerful vested-interest groups.
Certain interest groups have been advocating no action on climate change for decades now.
Convene open education interest groups and communities across the college.
Student organizations can range from honorary societies to special interest groups.
Those others may be elected officials or may be interest groups and lobbyists.
In my time at graduate school, there were interest groups based on politics.
Develops a framework for understanding when and how nominations are contested by senators and interest groups.
Taken individually, these awards are little more than various cities' and interest groups' faint pleas for cultural relevance.
He must also try to rebuild a discredited party shattered by shameless opportunism and infighting among special interest groups.
In addition to what the original post said, also take a look at the special interest groups.
Indeed, neither the telecoms nor the interest groups will not be neutral or silent about that in the coming fight.
For years, policy-makers and interest groups have called for such a network to be available in times of national emergency.
It becomes a stupid political argument with the networks and stupid advertisers and interest groups.
It is called appeasing various interest groups to get them off your back, but not do anything meaningful.
The same combination will probably recur in any future legislation, because each satisfies different and opposing interest groups.
Parties gain control by putting together winning coalitions of interest groups.
Special interest groups, such as unions and tax-cutting lobby groups, had had too much influence.
Aggressive reformers within his administration have fought bruising battles with local interest groups.
The plans threaten various interest groups, from taxi drivers to pharmacists, who vowed to fight back.
The party failed to push back against its interest groups.
Elected governments bow to the demands of selfish factions and interest groups.
The government's drive to micromanage so many activities creates a huge incentive for interest groups to push for special favours.
Because they sit on powerful committees, they have more power to shower interest groups with taxpayers' money.
The ability of entrenched interest groups to derail the peace process is unparalleled.
Those politicians who bring pork to special interest groups keep getting elected.
But interest groups demand ever more from the state, and politicians jostle to promise more goodies.
Interest groups post what they want from a candidate, and candidates shop for the demographics they need from interest groups.
The second is the growing involvement of special-interest groups in campaigning for tougher regulation.
The right is awash in proposed vows, offered up by interest groups seeking to bind candidates.
In the opposing corner are interest groups representing biotech firms, pharmaceutical companies, and smaller tech companies.
The movement was an amalgamation of long-ignored issues and interest groups.
Never before have so many interest groups and so many consumers been so committed in their opposition to factory-farmed meat.
But such claims have no financial or even legal basis, however much certain politicians and interest groups may claim otherwise.
Those who do have jobs frequently end up with sinecures that put them in the pockets of interest groups.
Education's alphabet soup of special interest groups were not any happier.
Thousands of interest groups jostle for money and attention.
Voters want a government that places their best interests before those of special interest groups.
Criticism of the reauthorization of the act has been widespread among various special-interest groups.
For our candidates, it allows them to forgo special interest groups.

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