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The purpose of such an anthology must always be to arouse an interest rather than to satisfy a curiosity.
Investment interest expense that is not an itemized deduction.
They would also do away with taxes on capital gains and interest to encourage more investment and more savings.
Now is the the time to shop for these and other winter interest plants at your local nurseries, but be prepared for temptation.
But by domestic standards, it is part of a tidal wave of new interest in all things olive.
Mix gravel with rocks of varying sizes to add interest in large areas.
To give interest to a garden without disturbing its serenity, vary textures.
It can also be a natural springboard to developing a deeper interest in our own communities and history.
Succulents create wonderful habitat gardens for birds and pollinators and add architectural interest and drama to our environment.
Only recently has interest renewed in preserving these wild camelids and their domesticated relatives.
He quickly developed exceptional field skills and a keen interest in observing wildlife.
Party planning can be overwhelming, but don't let your environmentalism fall by the wayside in the interest of convenience.
Users can also mark and manage points of interest on the detailed maps and load those to their receiver.
Today, as in many postcolonial nations around the world, there is a resurgence of interest in indigenous culture and music.
If honey badgers' wily ways have piqued your interest, you can learn more about other badgers here.
The economy is strong, with low inflation and falling interest rates.
Private loans lack the protections provided by federal loans, such as caps on interest rates.
College governing boards are getting some straight talk about conflicts of interest from their own membership group.
As a researcher, her career moves were guided by her interest in the scientific questions she was exploring.
Increase federal student aid and keep student-loan interest rates low.
Applications, nominations and expressions of interest will be held in confidence.
Amazingly, no interest is charged during the grace period.
In a few corners of the world, debt pressure has pushed up interest rates and generated concern about imminent crisis.
Lenders must then be induced to provide additional credit through reductions in the real interest rate.
The chief obstacle in previous negotiations had been the interest rate to be charged for the rescue loans.
With interest rates close to zero, money-market funds cannot offer a decent return.
One can quickly go astray attempting to gauge the tightness of monetary policy by looking at interest rates.
The only way to reduce the real interest rate is via inflation, since the nominal interest rate can't go below zero.
The central bank last month raised interest rates for the first time in almost three years.
All knew that this interest was somehow the cause of the war.
He read everything, and he read with the single interest in finding literature.
In the opening act, he cleverly creates interest and suspense.
All knew that this interest was, somehow, the cause of the war.
Ultimately all interests, individual and public, are secured and maintained because of a social interest in so doing.
IN the history of education the seventeenth century is a period of much interest and importance.
Nevertheless, the fortunes of this doomed household awaken interest and pity.
Having so active an interest in authors and their works, it was not surprising that she should one day appear as author herself.
For the public interest goes far beyond the need of supplying to all a uniform minimum of schooling.
His criticism of the last is that the interest flags at the end.
There are no interest payments, and if you don't make all the payments you get your money back, minus a cancellation fee.
There is a mostly quiet struggle underway already between public-interest groups and commercial interests.
As he became immersed in the boxing community, though, his interest shifted to the faces themselves.
Olson's interest in this case has puzzled quite a few people.
Some things in the show interest more than they impress.
In the interest of accuracy, let me state that the process is less grueling when it comes to cartoons.
Most people in the markets already expected interest rates to stay low for the foreseeable future.
Were the press any other industry, cynicism about its self-interest in promoting marginal challengers would prevail.
But when incentives were cut, there was little interest in new projects.
The app tracks the point of interest, searching for it in all frames.
Which is why there is a growing interest in wireless power transmission.
That's the kind of speed that will interest the makers of mobile phones and other radio frequency communicators.
Politicians should be looking out for the best interest of our citizens.
So there's more than a little interest in understanding the way this behaviour spreads and how to combat it.
But, if he does, his experiment won't be in the interest of curing a disease or become a human machine.
Academics have a vested interest in spreading their knowledge as far and as wide as possible.
But building robots that can intelligently pick out items of interest using sight or sound remains a daunting challenge.
Right now there is great interest in putting projectors in phones.
They were free agents-it was in their own self-interest to spin the story to say they were tricked.
What the rich never seem to understand, he says, is that it is in their own interest to look out for the interest of other people.
Instead, we've got a varied catalogue of interest-piquing miscellany on our hands.
Partly this is because it's in the media's interest to catch them.
Heavy weighting of the image towards one side, with accented areas of interest balancing it on the other side.
Not surprisingly, the clubs' success attracted the interest of outside investors.
We reproduce his response here only in the interest of promoting a full and honest dialogue.
Some of these patients, he says, spontaneously develop both interest and skill in art and music.
There has also been long-standing interest in building exoskeletons that turn normal grunts into super-soldiers.
Eventually, my interest in science led to science fiction.
For one thing, he had no interest whatsoever in hunting.
Treating carried interest as capital gains is an unjustifiable tax break that needs to be eliminated.
Along with the explosion of interest, the company's sole source of revenue came into the spotlight: affiliate links.
Some of those options included an interest-only period.
Lenders will price the interest rate risk they're taking into fixed rate mortgages.
Its demand for long-term securities would reduce long-term interest rates.
Needless to say, no one shows much interest in literature or the arts-the real arts.
If interest rates go up too sharply, our interest rate expense will widen the gap between revenue and spending.
The right is awash in proposed vows, offered up by interest groups seeking to bind candidates.
The investor gets periodic payments of principal and interest, based on the bond's structure and the mortgage pool's performance.
Another ten cents was consumed by interest payments on the national debt, which was fast approaching a trillion dollars.
Interest is an amount you pay for the use of borrowed money.
The interest start date is the day after the due date of the return.
However, you may pay more in interest because you're taking longer to repay the loans.
We pay the accrued interest back to you as part of your next semiannual interest payment.
Acting in one's self-interest means acting in accordance with reality from a long-term perspective.
Should there be a sequence of interest, the public or animal health surveillance systems in the state of origin can be alerted.
We may have to close up shop on this endeavor for good depending on interest over the next few months.
And the interest you pay is always packaged to make you think you are paying far less than is actually the case.
Because of its potential for addictive behavior, casino gambling has aroused the interest of health professionals.
It's significant from the standpoint of interest rates and interest-rate spreads in certain sectors.
As they get more and more wound up, they try to outdo each other, losing all interest in the food on their plates.
Rising foreign interest rates undermined their creditworthiness and increased the cost of servicing their debt.
Value judgments of works of art are of great interest sociologically, but of little or no interest in understanding works of art.
Foundations of all kinds also showed their interest and largesse.
For whether students lose interest or leave their places, they and their families are now in hock to the eyeballs.

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