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Disciplinary versus interdisciplinary collaborations.
His interdisciplinary approach was backed up by an obsessive attention to detail.
The researchers urged the use of interdisciplinary approaches in future studies.
Progress is accelerating, thanks to interdisciplinary approaches.
We have to do all those things, and that's an interdisciplinary problem.
We're certainly hearing more and more talk of convergence and interdisciplinary studies.
Indeed, many experimental philosophers would already define the movement in this interdisciplinary way.
The successful candidate will join a dynamic interdisciplinary campus-wide effort in global health research.
Students can opt for a customised or a general management approach via an interdisciplinary major.
Interdisciplinary teams work daily to focus on individual needs of residents so as to generate resident-specific care plans.
The truth was that my topic placed me in the farthest sociological reaches of my interdisciplinary department.
We will continue to look into social and cultural developments with the help of cross- and interdisciplinary research concepts.
My next idea is an interdisciplinary one that involves video, which ain't cheap.
Candidates who can contribute to the college's interdisciplinary programs are preferred.
We're talking millions here if you want to develop this the right way and do it cross-curricular and interdisciplinary.
Figure out what kind of interdisciplinary world they are housed in.
Collaborate with other departments for interdisciplinary faculty development and education.
They want to support interdisciplinary research in the biosciences, physical sciences, and life sciences.
It's a graduate conference that is interdisciplinary.
Some of their research is highly specialized, some trivial, and some in fact of remarkable ambition and interdisciplinary reach.
That's why interdisciplinary work is the biggest trend in scientific research.
Interdisciplinary work is another buzzword and trend among medical researchers.
And they incorporate a wide range of interdisciplinary subjects to achieve real-world relevance.
Many agree that the field is becoming more diverse, more interdisciplinary, and more relevant to the concerns of wider society.
Individuals with interdisciplinary background that complement existing departmental strengths are encouraged to apply.
Being able to see how an interdisciplinary committee selected grant winners was an invaluable experience.
If you're applying for an interdisciplinary position and your academic training is interdisciplinary, say so.
Such interdisciplinary creativity would advance education and research.
Taught in an innovative, interdisciplinary team-teaching program.

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In academic science, interdisciplinary work is productive and praised, but is relatively rare. Scientists d... more
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