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Indeed, the relationship among advanced postindustrial countries is one of complex interdependence.
Globalization and interdependence are as ubiquitous to education as they are to economies and politics.
Once groups start to get larger, altering the tight interdependence necessary for survival, patterns of group behavior change.
The concept of functional regions provides a way to examine the linkages and flows that create interdependence among people.
Explain that this concept is called interdependence.
By nurturing the environments that nurtured them, they forged a profound interdependence with the natural world.
The interdependence of countries and regions means that new formats of dialogue will appear.
We all talk of interdependence being the defining characteristic of the modern world.
The problem here is the extraordinary level of interdependence within the financial markets of the rich world.
Monetary sovereignty is of diminishing benefit in a world of increasing interdependence.
As a pilot you should understand the interdependence of aviation safety, that safety in one area of flight affects all others.
But a feeling for absolute and fateful interdependence has always been the special glory of the best crime movies.
In old age, that becomes an appreciation of interdependence.
Globalization entails more interdependence, and interdependence requires cooperation.
The growing interdependence of the planet gives us, he says, a new and convincing reason to do our utilitarian duty.

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