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Only if you are putting forward a hypothesis that may or may not be true are may and might interchangeable.
The connection points, or nodes, of such networks are interchangeable.
Rats are not mice and the terms are not interchangeable.
Even brands they consider genius can look remarkably interchangeable.
Different manufacturers' drip-irrigation components usually aren't interchangeable.
But the flavors of all three are similar enough to make them interchangeable in this week's recipes.
Monetary and fiscal stimulus are not interchangeable.
Selection varies from market to market, but choices are usually interchangeable in recipes, so have fun exploring options.
Because it uses the little interchangeable power-prongs, which means one tiny thing less in my luggage.
On a different day, the positions seem interchangeable.
But the notion that the two politicians are interchangeable does not survive meeting them.
Eight didn't say whether generics were interchangeable with brand names.
Bands and brands have been nearly interchangeable for decades now.
In each case, branding and design are becoming more important as the underlying technology becomes increasingly interchangeable.
The interchangeable straps are bright green, bright pink, and brown.
They are both positively charged, which makes them interchangeable to some degree.
Fortunately, you also get a set of interchangeable clear lenses.
In actual usage, however, the two labels seem to be more or less interchangeable.
But the two ad types usually aren't interchangeable.
Other than that, in today's new economic reality, they're interchangeable and disposable.
The modules are fully interchangeable and will work in every hole, so you can configure the pad to work optimally with any game.
But you do not seem to understand that people are not interchangeable.
Interchangeable lenses give flexibility, arty possibilities.
Over the past decade it has become clear that bacteria are already well disposed to the idea of interchangeable parts.
Who cares if it's a windscreen or a windshield as long as you understand the words are interchangeable.
By current standards, even the elegant new four thirds format cameras with interchangeable lenses seem awkward.
But the two pieces were otherwise pretty much interchangeable.
The work is not interchangeable and it takes more than one kind of school to meet all students' needs.
Its two narrators are quite literally interchangeable.
It holds eight interchangeable bits in a clever magazine inside the handle.
The second and third seats are interchangeable and removable for luggage storage.
For supports, canvas and paper were interchangeable.
They're interchangeable pieces in some pretty silly word games.
Highly adjustable harness system with interchangeable waist straps and adjustable torso length.
The logic of technology makes librarians and editors increasingly interchangeable.
Pigs are clearly not humans, but heart valves in both species are nearly interchangeable.
Although online and for-profit are not interchangeable, they really are.
Machines with interchangeable parts can now be constructed with great economy of effort.
They are no more interchangeable than theoretical physicists and civil engineers.
Programs and dollars are not interchangeable or fungible.
Singers were considered interchangeable during this period, and so were songwriters.
The worlds of media and politics have been steadily merging, and today they seem all but interchangeable.
In arithmetic, operations are interchangeable if they are commutative.
These ideas may be related, but they are certainly not interchangeable.
Bach-y-Rita has devoted much of his career to a single, revolutionary concept: that our senses are interchangeable.
We wouldn't need to have interchangeable batteries if this technology exists.
In reality, languages aren't equivalent or interchangeable, and there's no all-purpose best language.
In other words, the average of the two populations is pretty much interchangeable, but the values at the tails differ.
The magazine's photography has become truly interchangeable and predictable.
To all but those who watched them up close, they're almost interchangeable.
But that doesn't mean the pills are interchangeable.
No two histories or nations, no matter how much they have in common, are interchangeable.
In this area, the terms cottage and cabin are interchangeable, used to denote rustic accommodations in a natural setting.
They have employed receivers in the secondary, and their corners and safeties can be interchangeable.
It sort of over time became an interchangeable widget.
Among them was the first successful factory producing interchangeable parts for rifles.
Since tickets are interchangeable, airlines with code share agreements also have an interline agreement.
Unless you think the subcontinental nations are interchangeable, the host country didn't win.
Discounting the importance of manufacturing is one of those shallow egghead thinking where everything is interchangeable.
The rest of the roles are as interchangeable as bullethead's moving parts.
People unwittingly value entertainment content by the hour as if it were all an interchangeable commodity.

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