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The mandate would include being able to intercept and unscramble encrypted messages.
Yet they seem almost powerless to spot or intercept the small inflatable skiffs employed by pirates to sneak up on their victims.
The leaves of the upper canopy intercept raindrops and reduce their impact on vegetation and butterflies below.
Sadly, our intercept will make that outcome harder to achieve, not easier.
The relief well was expected to intercept the stricken well about four days later.
Fighters were routinely dispatched to intercept them.
Move the moon into an intercept orbit over a period of years.
Everything gets distributed into smaller loads, and it's much harder to identify and intercept.
The crew sends the plane instructions to fly on a course to intercept the vehicle.
Every day, they intercept an illicit flow of narcotics, money and weapons headed both north and south across the border.
The successful tests, as poor as they are, do show that it is possible to intercept a missile.
It is a system to intercept all types of communications all over the world.
In the winter the big trees intercept snow, and animals feed underneath them.
They were worried, though, because the peace protesters were going to try an intercept of their own.
The way to cut off a fission chain reaction, then, is to intercept the neutrons.
But shell games with certificates can, in principle, be used to intercept nominally secure data.
At a practical level, that made it much more difficult to intercept the bombers.
There are things called intercept and slope in linear estimation that you were trying to perform.
Finally, it is thought to intercept it in the nation.
But the computer can also covertly intercept e-mail between private citizens.
One day a pair of travelers asked him if he would row them to the middle of the river, where they could intercept a steamboat.
It would be expected to intercept the blown well about four days later.
It was far-fetched because surfers need to nearly match the speed of a wave to intercept it at the start of a ride.
Pebbles or stains or sun flecks form patterns representing, in some awful way, messages that he must intercept.
Now a new surveillance system may help locate, track, and intercept poachers before they strike.
The intercept was clearly negative, though within the error bars.
We need to intercept the money that is flowing into them.
The court will intercept your state tax refund and/or state lottery winnings to pay any outstanding balance you owe to the court.
If the paying parent requests a hearing about the tax intercept, the money cannot be sent to you until after the hearing.

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