intercede in a sentence

Example sentences for intercede

Peasants bring her gifts in hopes that she will intercede for them.
These martyrs are so solicitous to intercede for us, that they suffer not that they should be prayed to in vain.
But the river dries up after a drought and his devotees start looking to him to intercede with the gods.
In the months between her arrest and his own, these friends were the first people her husband contacted with pleas to intercede.
Police officers approached the podium, ready to intercede.
Intercede only when the problem or conflict threatens important business results or customer relationships.
These chosen individuals may be called upon by tribal members to intercede on behalf of an individual in need.
Email the faculty member, copying the departmental administrator or possibly the department chair who may be able to intercede.
Lenders are also encouraged to intercede early in disagreements between borrowers and contractors.
Intercede only when the problem or conflict threatens important objectives or key relationships.
These were overwhelmingly situations in which the police were called to intercede in resident-on-resident aggression.

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I should fear the infinite power and inflexible justice of the almighty mortal hardly as yet apotheosized, so wholly mas... more
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