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Example sentences for interbreed

Traditional agronomy transfers genes between plants whose kinship lets them interbreed.
They have found that the mice interbreed with mice from other habitats and migrate between rock types.
These horses will freely interbreed in from north to south.
These two populations are so closely related that they can interbreed.
They can and do interbreed with domestic dogs to produce hybrid animals.
Groups that live close to one another interact, interbreed, and become more genetically related.
The birds and bees rarely confuse the flowers, and the flowers almost never interbreed in nature.
In order for one species to diverge into two, a population must be divided into groups that cannot interbreed.
Many studies suggest that although individuals from different species normally do not interbreed, they may interbreed.
Ultimately if each group could interbreed and the mutations were beneficial it would spread to the whole group.
As a result, they are no longer human, in the sense that they couldn't interbreed with us if the aliens reunited us.
There are two distinctly different breeds of squirrels that used to be identical, because they can't interbreed.
One thing that mammalian species have to get right in order to interbreed is the gestation period.
These two populations would become different species if they can no longer interbreed in the wild.
They could not interbreed, they were hermaphrodites.
First of all, different species of these small lizards can interbreed.
In the intervening generations, the groups will have varying abilities to interbreed with each other.
The inability to interbreed is not a reliable test for species separation.
And brook trout can interbreed with bull trout, creating mostly sterile hybrids.
Contrary to popular belief, coyotes do not readily interbreed with either dogs or wolves.
In the rest of the state these turtles interbreed and you can't tell them apart.
Huskies interbreed readily and successfully with wolves.
If wild and domestic turkeys interbreed, the resulting cross loses its ability survive in the wild.
Odd-year and even-year populations do not interbreed with each other even when they return to the same spawning grounds.
However, many common lines of honey bees have been allowed to interbreed.
They even interbreed, making exact identification only for the botanically hardy.
The differences between some of them are so slight that it is difficult to tell which is which and they interbreed.
The two species do not naturally interbreed, but ranchers produced fertile crosses in captivity.
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