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Example sentences for interactive

Use our interactive tool to search by state, degree type, or university.
The interactive map above allows you to view the various territorial claims from each country's perspective.
See how the world's biggest economies stack up on emissions with an interactive map.
Please feel free to share these interactive math activities with anyone you know who may benefit from them.
Children imagine, discover and learn in dozens of interactive exhibits and daily educational programs.
It's an interactive experience, as the hotel displays the contemporary work of local artists.
Electronic textbooks are cheaper, lighter and more interactive than print textbooks.
Through flexible schedules, challenging courses and interactive learning, students achieve personal goals without putting.
Learn with us during our programs and interactive activities.
Make your own predictions by adjusting the figures in our interactive chart.
Take the treasure hunting quiz, an interactive game on travel trivia.
The museum offers exhibitions and interactive galleries, plus concerts, lectures and community enrichment programs.
Bill makes a billion-dollar bet on interactive entertainment.
Her presence would often provoke me to romantic fantasies, as well others of a more explicitly interactive variety.
Explore our interactive guide to nuclear power around the world.
We simply expect stuff to be interactive these days, and there's no reason music should be any different.
Interactive graphic of the chemicals and toxins that come with hydrofracking.
Thinking often calls for a more interactive approach.
Not surprisingly, gambling is seen as potentially one of the biggest money-earners in interactive television.
Several interactive museum exhibits showcase how your brain responds to its surroundings.
Explore and compare global housing data with our interactive house-price tool.
Every guru of interactive advertising is saying that image is meaningless and that information is everything.
Rather than a definitive, static image, a light-field visual object is intrinsically interactive.
It's great for abstract imagery and creating simple interactive objects.
One of the more interesting aspects of the series is the interactive map detailing programs per state, region, or town.
It feels interactive and interrogative rather than narrowly investigative.
Sections of the biography can be compared with historical events with the help of an interactive time line.
Most websites, even those heavy with video content, rely on their users being able to read and-if interactive-write.
Meanwhile, here's the interactive goodness debuting this week.
In search of video games and interactive awesomeness.
Rather, it is a fun, interactive environment in which to experiment and solve intellectually interesting but wacky challenges.
Rich media combines animation, video and sound with interactive features.
Interactive exhibits allow users to get a feel for the phenomenon, such as by placing their avatars' heads in a virtual umbra.
Download the newest version if you have problems using the interactive.
Teaching online is interactive, with lots of opportunities for one-one, team and small group dialogue.
Explore the exponential growth in processor power over the last four decades with this interactive graph.
The interactive diagram above illustrates how the two models work under pressure.
Many new video games are interactive, educational, and enriching.
There are also interactive, hands-on galleries to please the smallest of children.
Upgrading to interactive, digital technology would enable customers of all sizes to buy and use electricity more efficiently.
The idea is to make it a technology-driven, interactive experience.
Interactive weight management websites help people maintain weight loss.
These interactive animations were created to explain the basics of the grid in a fun and informative way.
Links and descriptions for twenty-two interactive mapping and database applications.
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