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Today, we're beginning to see how inter-dependent our education communities really are.
Some are an abbreviated introduction to journals databases and the mysteries of inter-library loan.
Add to this the growth of democracy, an ideology of universal equality and inter-involvement.
The idea of good higher education is that students learn through structured inter-personal exchange and interaction.
She also arranged many other musical activities both intra- and inter-college.
We also need to see how intimately we're connected with the inter-living systems of the planet.
We all need to help our inter-species friends as much as possible.
Capillary rise into inter-filament gaps must be overcome in addition to individual filament wetting.
Multi-processing required, but inter-process coordination is virtually nonexistent.
Perhaps the solar system is really part of a giant fish bowl extending into inter-stellar space.
Perhaps another compartment for the inter-relation of population growth and species diversity.
Polymathy: the study and inter-relation of great and varied learning.
But it is inter- and intra-cellular communication via light waves.
That's enough to smoke out inter-population variation.
Big contributions to the inter-population variation obviously indicate differences across populations.
They often extend well beyond the bounds of the galaxy and provide a lot of baryonic matter for inter-galactic space.
Inter-reader calibration in age readings of earplugs from southern minke whale, with some notes of age readability.
Time incongruence to explain inter- galactic expansion.
But inter-country adoptions happen in a fuzzy and sometimes murky world.
These should alleviate uncertainty about inter-bank exposures.
The three-month inter-bank borrowing rate is at a ten-month high.
Inter-service, and intra-service, discord plainly abounded.
Some observers see all these stories as part of an inter-clan rivalry between the interior ministry and the security services.
It is an inter-insurance exchange made up of the people who have taken out policies with the firm.
In a complicated, inter-connected global economy, the president has almost no unilateral authority to fix things.
They tried to cope with inter-service rivalry through a rotating command structure.
Solar sails have been theorized and designed for inter-galactic adventuring for decades.
Languages inter-individual function begs space for messages where the speaker leaves ample areas of meaning undefined.
Come up with a protocol for inter-machine communication and networking and start hooking the machines together.
These dendritic spines provide more neuronal surface and are believed to regulate inter-neuronal commerce.
Terrorism would no longer be a threat as cities link together inter-regionally.
It seems there's no avoiding the deluge of small personal intrusions that comprise living in today's inter-connected society.
All inter-bank borrowing would almost certainly move toward taking money from the firms backed by the government balance sheet.

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