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And every bit of extra money makes life a little easier for all of us and allows us to focus more intently on what matters.
As a result, people tend to listen more intently and speak more forcefully.
By altering the maze he watched intently how the robot adjusted.
One hypothesis is that addicts feel those pleasures unusually strongly and are motivated to seek them more intently.
My first response is always to stop talking myself and stare intently at the culprits.
Most travelers have headphones, and are intently focused on their televisions.
Children with autism often focus intently on a single activity or feature of their environment.
Along a wall, environment programmers stare intently at screens, fine-tuning scenery in the latest levels.
And when the record started, we'd listen intently together and do nothing else.
They look serious, intently listening to the one in the corner, who seems to be giving the speech of his life.
In their grief, his siblings look more intently at their past.
One went farther and looked intently to the south as if to say this is the direction.
He watched intently as six guard strapped him into the electric chair, wiggling his head to adjust the chin strap.
After his time, more of them sported beards, wanted to be seen praying intently three or four times a day.
She sits three rows behind him, hands folded, listening intently to testimony.
They must listen intently to one another, or they cannot play in unison.
He stares intently into a console at a three-dimensional image, his feet pressing on pedals, his hands maneuvering levers.
Nearly five hours into the race, the bandit catchers were still staring intently upstream.
Jurors were grim-faced, and some looked intently at the photos.
The other guests are soon laughing too loud about things that aren't funny, talking intently about things that make no sense.
We were all lined up while the security screeners studied the monitor intently.
He smoked a cigarette, sipped whisky and listened intently to people's praise and curiosity.
There were many who had been high school players, watching intently.
While my brother often took the opportunity to fall promptly asleep on his corner of the couch, the rest of us listened intently.
One day a group of gelada bachelors were sitting behind us on a hillside intently studying a couple of family groups.
Once a month she would sit and stare at him intently, toss hay, and even attempt to sit in his lap.
The lion was only a few feet away from our vehicle, lying down, when he looked at me intently.
Standing motionless at the edge of the sea ice, this polar bear stares intently into the tranquil water.
When a debate would break out about a reading, he would listen intently and then have his say.
When it's his turn to speak, the others listen intently as he lays out the day's plan.
He asked participants to walk silently and listen intently, to notice the sounds of the city as its own poetry.
With news accessible, people are beginning to follow the crisis intently.
Our more educated appreciate your music and architecture and intently study your history.
She picked up the hand mirror and squinted intently at the skin on her nose.
He watched intently as my hand brought the rag to his face.
Nazir was clicking worry beads and listening intently.
For the last few decades, scientists have been intently decoding the genes of dozens of organisms, from bacteria to humans.
She can be seen concentrating intently on what she is doing.
Treated animals also focused more intently on the task at hand, engaging in less unrelated behavior.
The critic sits concentrating intently, his brow furrowed.
The people around me at the exhibit appeared to be looking intently at the sketches displayed in the vitrines.
Our children meandered for half a mile, peering intently at the layers.
She leaned forward, watched intently for a moment, and then sat upright.
The president would listen intently to a reporter's question.
Yet, despite the perfect weather, the center's conference room is crammed with students taking notes intently.
He is balding, and stares intently at his palms as he talks.
He looked at them intently for some time, turning his eyes from one to the other.
They have studied nature intently, and discover an exquisite sense of her beautiful forms and harmonious combinations.
Instantly he thrust them all under his great coat and fixed his eyes intently upon her.
For a while there was silence as students, faculty, and visitors listened intently.
He stared at the items intently and systematically shifted his gaze from one detail to another.
Not that nothing is going on: researchers are often conversing intently.
There is an air of industry as the students hold up pieces of paper and stare at them intently.
He intently watches every ritual, listens to every song.
It creeps forward slowly, listening intently with erect ears.
Each time she made it, she waited intently for my father's reaction.
The logo is a bear's head intently looking straight ahead.
Has an aggressive nature, stepping intently into his blocks.
Stay in eye contact and listen, intently to your partner is another basic.
He'd sit in their offices and pepper them with questions and listen intently.
She gazes intently at the scrambled pieces of a picture puzzle.
It was a boring test, and that was the point: in order to concentrate on those little line changes, they had to focus intently.
They bellowed at his every joke and hung intently on his every instruction.
His eyes, though wearied by an obvious lack of sleep, dart around intently.
Deeply suspicious, they took up firing positions in the rocks either side of the road and scanned the approaches intently.
With deeply incised eyes set beneath a furrowed brow, he gazes intently into the distance.
Individual bankruptcy attorneys treatment about people today and their cases and can do the job intently with their shoppers.
Four biologists wielding dip nets and wearing funny looking backpacks stare intently into the waters of a small creek.
The students in the audience listened to her intently.
State biologists have been studying panfish more intently over the past several years and feel reduced limits are warranted.
Nonetheless, the group continued to work intently on refining the content of the data tool.
Senior editors and writers from the media sat around the room listening intently.
She looks at the work intently, day after day, until an image appears.
Egocentrism consists of thinking patterns that focus intently on the self across different situations and interactions.

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