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Cox may be well-intentioned in trying to ensure that a congested network still performs well for users.
And missionaries, while often well-intentioned, tried to stamp out native customs and beliefs.
Too many well-intentioned people bring a new dog into their homes expecting that the dog will figure it all out on its own.
Even well intentioned people will make their strongest argument for what they believe in.
Even the best trained and intentioned suffer from this hence the necessity of double blind experiments in medicine.
In fact, no continent has a worse record of human ecological devastation, some of it even well-intentioned.
We are doing so much to promote longevity of dangerous, damaging, and anti-fitness genes with our well-intentioned interventions.
It is also not a hoax, there is nothing secretive or ill intentioned about it.
Thanks largely to initiatives, many of them well intentioned, it is also wildly at odds with itself.
Whether good-intentioned or bad, those lacking that expertise and experience cannot comprehensively evaluate technical work.
However well-intentioned, the problems with such proposals are obvious.
Not all the laughter greeting the joke in the chapel that evening was well-intentioned.
He's a moron, sure, but he's such a well-intentioned moron.
It's more relevant to say he's a former coal operator, though perhaps a well-intentioned one.
The policy may be well-intentioned, but it is patently unfair.
Either way, the impact is that millions of well-intentioned viewers are now empowered with false information.
And no matter how skilled and well-intentioned, the writer will fail.
All these suggestions were mildly helpful, and well-intentioned.
If it works as intentioned, it will protect consumers from dangerous financial products.
The program is well-intentioned, but it raises some questions.
Even if regulation is well intentioned, the risks of getting regulation wrong are enormous.
The cerebral cortex is a wondrously well-buffered mechanism that can withstand a good bit of well-intentioned bungling.
While the concept of a la carte pricing for these services might be well-intentioned, the company's execution was not.
Imagine yourself, for example, in the plight of a well-intentioned manager of a public utility.
It is often a well-intentioned, earnest charade, but a charade nonetheless.
The lies were well-intentioned and he had a great childhood.
At first, the home buyer credit was well-intentioned.
But not all fees are so potentially well-intentioned.
Medical insurance is dizzyingly complex, and even well-intentioned medical insurers, agents and consumers make mistakes.
So the standard advice about tailoring application letters, while well-intentioned, turns out to be almost impossible to follow.
All too often, the concern about a major's practical prospects are pushed upon students by well-intentioned parents.
Well intentioned students were trying to correct an injustice that simply had not happened.
The egos of thousands of well-intentioned but fashion- and body-challenged professors are in your hands.
The question seems well-intentioned and comes with advice to consider how life in graduate school will affect your marriage.
The speakers were obviously well intentioned, but you could feel the rising anger of the audience.
Tax cuts, even if well-intentioned, seem always to further enrich the enriched and deplete our national coffers.
Since he is well-intentioned and a colleague, you can't exactly tell him you aren't interested.
Yes, they were meant to be well intentioned words thanks for addressing my central point around the shaping consent.
He cautioned, however, that even the best-intentioned approaches to bullying can backfire.
Your suggestions while seemingly well intentioned are more hopes than realities.
Nobody wants a well-intentioned accountant in charge when the house is on fire.
Maybe it's unfair to criticize a decently made, honorably intentioned movie for not being a different one.
Your will, as well-intentioned as it may be, cannot and should not affect the actions of the state in a criminal matter.
These well-intentioned groups certainly did not invent the idea of good corporate citizenship, which goes back a long way.
The main motivation was the well-intentioned belief that markets are better than governments at allocating resources.
Too often, well intentioned government regulators come up with solutions that are a bit to clever.
It is easy to overestimate the probability that the bankers managing the money supply are smart and well-intentioned.
Yet well-intentioned programmes often break down on the indifference of the beneficiaries.
Sponsors often use abbreviated text in charts, usually in a well-intentioned effort to conserve space.
Reward well intentioned and well reasoned risk taking.
And then, because many of these nests fail, well-intentioned homeowners write to ask about incubating the eggs.
Imagine the damage that can do when your well-intentioned efforts actually make things worse.

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