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Other dope dealers have also, intentionally or inadvertently, achieved public prominence.
It is unlawful to intentionally snag or attempt to snag any fish in fresh water.
The typical casino is an intentionally unpleasant place.
The authorities said they believed that it was intentionally set.
Note: the first fifteen seconds or so of the film are intentionally dark.
The blogs intentionally have a much more casual style than the articles.
For example, firefighters will intentionally set sections of forest aflame to deprive an approaching wildfire of kindling.
The defense tried to use brain scans of the defendant to prove its client had not intentionally defrauded the government.
At root they are all political problems, many intentionally caused.
We recommend having the watch battery replaced by a jeweler, as it is intentionally difficult to remove the back.
So your comments are either not well thought out or you are intentionally provoking readers to react.
For each statement, the participants had to choose whether the action was done intentionally or unintentionally.
Anyone running a gateway that talks this routing language can publish incorrect paths, intentionally or otherwise.
Accustomed to two-legged species, the bison ignore people unless they're surprised or intentionally disturbed.
The actual time listed in the schedule is intentionally incorrect.
Your right that there is a whole lot of money intentionally locked away.
Not all mummies, however, are created intentionally.
Clearly, researchers could never intentionally expose human volunteers to the lethal virus.
Households are intentionally exposing themselves to local market movements.
Impactors are spacecraft intentionally crashed into an asteroid at high speed.
The latter effect is intentionally employed with sound waves in noise-canceling headphones.
The big question is whether the regulators are competent enough to intentionally swindle people.
But not all mummies have been intentionally preserved.
They also have a reduced response when intentionally stressed by being placed in an unfamiliar cage.
But it is still revealing, intentionally and otherwise.
The scripts didn't intentionally encourage low fertility.
Furthermore, our legal advisors strongly advised against the idea of intentionally poisoning horns.
Because of this, you have the same odds of accidently picking the winner as you do of intentionally picking it.
However, the two symbol would be intentionally bigger than the four symbol.
It is intentionally challenging to open the case in order to protect the mechanism.
The supplemental food, bananas and milk, is intentionally bland to keep the apes from becoming dependent.
First, the military can't intentionally target civilians.
It is intentionally challenging to access the case in order to protect the mechanism and increase its water resistance.
Engineers may also intentionally flood areas to prevent the possibility of worse flooding.
It is intentionally challenging to open the case in order to protect the mechanism and preserve its water resistance.
They typically hide underneath leaves and branches so you have to be intentionally looking for them to find them.
They did not turn on their headlights intentionally to show the location of the convoy.
It is also possible that sensitive information might be covered, either intentionally or not, by a non-sensitive image.
Somebody intentionally tried to keep this story from happening.
It's something that can't be accomplished consciously or intentionally.
Most people out there are not intentionally malicious, uncaring, and/or unethical.
Despite what some posting to this board may think, no company intentionally operates recklessly when so much is at stake.
The pilot is said to have set his house on fire earlier in the day, stolen the plane, and intentionally flown into the building.
We all know that no one intentionally set out to create an inaccessible web site.
These situations he describes are created intentionally by a few elite.
Intentionally breaking immigration laws has nothing to do with snipers.
It is not intentionally disrespecting this particular guy.
Hammer marks reveal that the sarcophagi were intentionally destroyed.
They move intentionally, with purpose, although they face unknown risks.
Their outlook was biased, although not intentionally so.
He never intentionally added to the difficulty or delicacy of the charge of those who had him in hold.
It is an intentionally open-ended story, prematurely closed, a mystery without a single solution.
As a piece of singing, this performance is intentionally over the top-exciting but almost scary in its intensity.
Invasive species or non-native species can be introduced accidentally or intentionally.
Alien species introduced into new habitats-intentionally or unintentionally-pose a major threat to global biodiversity.
The hole was filled with boulders, either intentionally thrown in to stem the flow or simply washed in by the river.
The fact that we're intentionally digging around this planet for all sorts of products is nothing new.
Parents should note that the houses are intentionally scary and may be overwhelming for small kids.
Some professors may well pad their vitas intentionally.
He does this intentionally, he says, because he hates what the language of civility does to the poor.
And there will be an element of resentment toward the author for making the subject matter of the book intentionally impenetrable.
It may have been something intentionally buried by the artist, never meant to see the light of day.
In fact, they were often intentionally singled out to suffer.
These are often poorly written, kept intentionally vague, and wind up not actually addressing the stated intent of the contracts.
It was an intentionally vague idea, difficult to understand and subject to widely varying interpretations.
Nature may be subtle, but she does not intentionally lie.
To reveal the effect of branding on preference, some of the cola samples were intentionally mislabeled.
Mutations are random, not created intentionally to become deadly.
The executives, managers and employees of these companies do not go out and intentionally create these incidents.
At the same time, the depression is measured by gdp, which is skewed intentionally toward consumer goods.
He pointed out that his country intentionally maintains a cushion of excess capacity against any disruption of supply.
It's a common trick to do with stars, where you intentionally defocus them a bit with you take a photo.
Proving the critics right, an investigation later concluded that the data were intentionally fabricated.
With no say of their own, the toads were intentionally introduced by humans to this area.
Representational art isn't random and it's vague only when it's poorly done or intentionally so.
Those kids are obnoxious and intentionally inconveniencing the campus community by blocking a sidewalk.
These can't be detonated accidentally or intentionally by airplane crashes, fires, or gunshots.
He was intentionally trolling to stir up a lot of noise.
Reports indicate that several of the children were intentionally unvaccinated.
In other words, the injured party would have to prove the vaccine maker intentionally caused him harm.
It's difficult to remember the last presidential candidate who was genuinely, intentionally funny.
They think they are intentionally putting this reminder in our faces.
The host or hostess does not know your problems, nor were you intentionally put between two bores.

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