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Doctors advise against warm treatments, which can intensify itching.
Threats against climate scientists appear to intensify if they speak up in the nation's policy debate.
The probability is that political nerves will both intensify the economic slowdown at home and worsen pressure on the rand.
Natural though the fires may be, humans intensify the scale.
The spring drought forecast says the dry conditions are going to persist and, in some areas, intensify.
All of those changes intensify the difficulty of moving from one role to the other.
All it needs to do, officials say, is extend and intensify existing security measures.
As the online resources grow more common, this conflict will intensify.
The high seasonal humidity in many of the region's cities would act to trap fallout and intensify its effects.
Stimulant use can cause temporary thought disorder or intensify an underlying thought disorder or hypomanic state.
The job of the core is to intensify the magnetic field generated when a current flows through the coil.
The group predicts that with the human population continuing to soar, further development will intensify environmental damage.
If one of them detects something amiss, local vulcanologists can then intensify their local monitoring efforts.
Given the stakes, the arguments are certain to intensify.
Attempts to restrain the surveillance society through new laws will intensify.
Those frictions will almost certainly intensify over the coming year.
Fighting may intensify until the land becomes greener again.
Cloning will only intensify the process of industrialization of humanity.
These status reports can really intensify your nerves but there's no reading into them until a final decision actually comes.
To further intensify the color, layer eye shadow on top of the pigment.
Unhappily, this hiatus ends abruptly and her misfortunes intensify.
The nitric oxide caused normal shuttle glow to intensify markedly, while the other gases had no effect, the researchers said.
The masks intensify the intrinsic power of the stories, which she narrates to audiences.
They are not getting on well, they do not care who wins, and even the war fails to intensify anything about their lives.
Climate change seems likely to shorten the rainy seasons and intensify variability, making storage even more important.
With less money to spread among friends, the fight between clans will intensify.
And despite the joyous sounds from the east, fear runs high that the bloodshed is about to intensify.
Infections seem to intensify in regions of the world that lack adequate sanitation.
The images intensify the self-righteous determination of each side.
We should continue, and even intensify, the study of these stem-cell lines.
Thus they intensify the disease they pretend to cure.
They can intensify labor pain, which sets the stage for more medication.
Green cities span coasts, as eco-efforts intensify.
Flying with a cold or nasal congestion can intensify the problem and make for painful, and possibly dangerous, conditions.
Hurricanes rapidly intensify when the thunderstorms form tightly around the center of circulation.
Monetary tightening is expected to intensify for two reasons, one familiar, the other less so.
These problems, and the resulting discontent, may well intensify in coming months.
It might change or go away, in which case the crisis would quickly intensify once again.
So inspection regimes are set to intensify, at a time when audit fatigue has already become a problem for suppliers.
In the meantime, market factors can only intensify the pressure to reduce protection.
Even if a growing consensus holds that a political solution is inevitable, the fighting is likely to intensify over the next year.
They intensify blue, causing red and green to overcompensate in the image.
Otherwise contradictions will intensify, causing unmanageable turmoil.
Recurrent natural disasters such as cyclones, flooding, and drought intensify challenges for already vulnerable populations.

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