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Instinct might suggest that a full-throttle, intense cheese deserves a great wine.
They stuck with data and science, got more and more intense and forceful, and forgot all about empathy.
The weapon targets proteins that detect excessive heat, delivering an intense burning feeling without any actual burning.
Life is real at war, concentrated and intense it is lived at full speed.
The better your fruit, the more delicious these bright, intense popsicles will be.
Because it's concentrated, color is more intense in pots.
They remove the cover in fall when the sun is less intense.
Intense, pleasantly bitter lemon zest and minerals softened by a floral quality.
Keep some leaves on the sunny south side of the clusters, however, to shade the fruit from intense direct sun.
He's clearly taken with the complexity of this fruit's intense flavor.
Intense workouts may be particularly hazardous for people with risk factors for heart disease, especially older people.
Global warming is causing powerful hurricanes to become even more intense, a new study says.
Warming ocean temperatures appear to be fueling stronger, more intense hurricanes around the world, a new study suggests.
Fire tornadoes occur when intense heat causes air to rise and combine with whirling eddies of air.
In fact, the cones of some pine species won't release seeds unless they are exposed to intense heat.
The intense blue-violet of the corolla seems to deepen in the shade, where this plant is often found.
Fire tornadoes occur when intense heat and turbulent wind conditions combine to form whirling eddies of air.
Sunspots are regions of intense magnetic activity on the sun's surface.
One reason is that the orbiting atoms would likely be superheated due to the intense gravity and would develop electrical charges.
They do not write my papers for me but they still provide an intense amount of coaching.
The market pressures facing colleges have only grown more intense since that meeting.
Your time on campus can be a rigorous, intense, and exhausting experience.
Colleges and universities can proceed with a lot of valuable work even when they are under intense political pressure.
Students there receive lots of one-on-one attention, she said, including mandatory advising sessions and intense tutoring.
It's intense work, which a lot of corporate law is not.
The large hail that often precedes tornadoes forms as a result of the intense updraft feeding the thunderstorm.
Sometimes you hear television meteorologists refer to a negative-tilt trough and how it is going to spawn an intense storm.
As in any intense spy-action thriller, the fighting is pretty intense at times, but there is no overt show of blood.
Diamond anvil cells squeeze a material to intense pressures, and laser pulses heat it to unimaginable temperatures.
Alfalfa, that humble feedstuff, is at the heart of an intense debate.
Users feel intense pleasure, followed by an energetic high that can last for days.
Made of tiny gas bubbles trapped in a liquid film, the foam seals the coffee's intense aromas and flavours and locks in heat.
Investment banking culture puts intense pressure on individuals to come up with stellar results.
Still, the pressure is intense for the government to be seen to do something to bolster its guarantee.
Meanwhile the pressure on prices is only growing more intense.
How this has come about is the subject of intense speculation, with three theories jostling for the top spot.
Despite intense speculation to the contrary, human-rights concerns have not prevented the loan from being made.
The less good news is that the health reforms also bring new regulations and intense pressure to contain costs.
But the backlash against bail-outs was so intense that it attached stringent conditions that deterred participation.
Media companies are suffering intense pain-and it is starting to seem worryingly permanent.
The fallout from the credit crunch has been so intense that some feel a pain barrier may have been breached.
Such is the nature of tornadoes: even large ones rain intense destruction on relatively small areas.
Their hostility to direct financial threats tends to be even more intense.
It requires members to change their legal system and open law-enforcement systems to intense external scrutiny.
Coesite is a variant of quartz that forms only under intense heat and pressure.
In his jacket photo, though, he looked quietly intense and appealingly melancholy.
First of all, there is the intense joy in meeting his painting.
Also, the intense shock of a meteor impact can form small diamonds although not every meteor crater will yield diamonds.
The children followed the proceedings with intense expectancy.
One was to combine an intense sense of realism with flamboyant brushwork-which gives his work a highly personal quality.
No other flavor can provoke such an intense negative reaction.
Ownership in the beast and in the primitive savage was far more intense a thing than it is in the civilized world to-day.
He is an essayist rather than a story-teller,-an essayist of an intense individuality.
If car is not taken, the color is apt to be too intense.
It gives an intense, even heat, therefore makes a good broiling fire.
And, in so intense a moment, his demeanour would have still been calm.
He had a quick and supple intelligence, and an intense power of visualising.
Our interest for the way in which story-tellers make use of dreams is not, however, made less intense by this disillusionment.
The problem was that my frozen lime pie filling eaten straight was too rich and intense.
The zest is rubbed directly into the flour, while the pulpy flesh gives an intense, fruity flavor.
Must be intense stuff to be dangerous at such low levels.
Generally, the denser the smoke, the more intense the flavor of the food.
The plant's intense taste means a little can go a long way.
The meat itself is transformed-the natural oiliness is gone but the flavor has become even more intense.
She suggests that her intense parenting brought academic success to her two daughters.
The images produced rely on an intense x-ray beam capable of producing not only still images, but also real-time video.
Food craving, defined as an intense desire to eat a specific foodstuff, is a common occurrence across all cultures and societies.
Ever since tools for measuring bone mineral density became available to doctors, this question has elicited intense controversy.
Panic attacks are episodes of intense fear or apprehension.
They are then bombarded with intense sound waves from the same device that dentists and jewelers use.
Nothing--neither light nor information--is fleet enough to emerge from the hole's intense gravitational clutches.
Hotter temperatures and intense exercise increase sweating rates and, as a result, water requirements.
Where time is slower, or less intense, gravity is stronger.
In the absence of a strong gravitational field time is faster, or more intense.
Such intense fear may cripple careers and prevent people from visiting family or friends.
Among those who had been strongly affected by her work, there was a peculiarly intense kind of grief.
The intense, aromatic corn brings a powerful flavor to every dish.
For all those reasons, not to mention the fact that the vaccine itself occasionally killed people, the resistance was intense.
He was forced to take the thimble, which the doctors felt had brought on his depression and led to years of intense psychotherapy.
The shell of the spacecraft must be able to endure heavy loads and intense vibrations.
The intense heat created by concentrating the sun so much can reduce both the efficiency and the life of the solar cell.
Tiny crystals called quantum dots emit intense, sharply defined colors.
But this would only possible if terrestrial bugs can survive the intense vacuum and radiation in interplanetary space.
Intense stuff--and it all came, in the end, from the minds of a couple comic book writers.
The virtual-reality scenes became progressively more intense.
Synchrotrons are huge facilities that can produce intense, high-quality x-ray beams for scientific purposes.
But the intense interest in developing an alternative to the polygraph means that the technology is likely here to stay.
Under a fluorescence microscope, cancer cells caught in the device have an intense green halo.
The way patterns of behaviour emerge and spread through society is the subject of intense research at the moment.
Imagine feeling a pain so intense that not even morphine can dull it completely.
He still experiences some flashbacks, but they are less frequent and less intense.
That's why the arguments over usability vs elegance vs accessibility were so intense.
Optical lasers use quantum effects to produce an intense beam of light of a single frequency, or color.
The science behind that kind of amnesia remains murky, because such intense fear is a state as yet inaccessible to science.
Many animals are armed with chemicals that hijack the nervous systems of their targets, producing feelings of intense pain.
But by definition, revisiting the experience can be frightening, and people often become locked in the grip of intense anxiety.
The background color depicts sea elevation, with the intense blue near shore marking the storm surge.
The scanner creates images of the brain by generating an intense magnetic field.
Sprinters, however, derive their power from fast-twitch fibers that produce intense bursts of energy.
The trend in electronics toward miniaturization squeezes more chips into ever smaller devices, leading to intense heat buildup.
All organisms that are ambulatory have tactile senses of which pain is one of the more intense one.
For example, parasites produced an intense evolutionary pressure on emerging humans.
The oldest galaxies in the image glow an intense blue, indicating high concentrations of the lighter elements hydrogen and helium.
In these cases, the individual has developed such an intense fear that leaving the safety of home feels impossible.
Known as the prosperity gospel, and claiming tens of millions of adherents, it fosters risk-taking and intense material optimism.
In more-rarefied circles, however, the company provokes equally intense but quite different emotional reactions.
The biggest moment is a particularly intense jacket fling.
The special effects are more impressive, and the action considerably more intense.
Seldom has any legislative body been the subject of a solicitude more intense, or of aspirations more sincere and ardent.
You're under intense scrutiny and intense pressure not to make mistakes.
After four years of intense debate, another year of discussion is probably not going to make the difference.
It wasn't long before there were copycat groups operating on the border, intense in-fighting among immigration restrictionists.
But it required intense planning and basic cooking skills.
He needed physical activity as a relief from the intense effort that went into his writing, and he had always loved fishing.
At the same time, her life is governed by an intense feeling for arrangement.
Olmert took a more circuitous route to the peace camp, but he exhibited the faith of the late convert, intense and profound.
The electric shocks administered to her were made more intense by water previously thrown on her body.
The momentum comes rather from a combination of broad popular belief and a relatively narrow but intense crusading fervor.
Transcripts of their intense, lengthy talks show that both knew in detail the burdens of the arms race.
Promiscuous, they avoid close involvements, which might release intense feelings of rage.
The intense secrecy that has enshrouded it would not have been necessary if there had not been a desire to employ illegal tactics.
Flogging someone with a cane causes intense pain and permanent bodily damage.
In the end, the intense pressure yielded inventive results.
Their meeting wasn't so much a typical agent-client encounter but the start of an intense creative collaboration.
The word is deceptive because a fade makes things more intense, not less.
But the backlash to disco as a contribution to moral decay was intense.
He can be in the middle of an intense exorcism and can humorously switch gears to take a cell-phone call.
The stakes were enormous, the emotion was palpable, the scrutiny was intense.
As the trial grew more intense, polarization of the occupants of the courtroom became evident.

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