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Example sentences for intend

It does intend to equip the national conscience with the information by which it can make up its own mind fairly.
If you intend to visit a plantation independently, keep in mind that the offerings of each plantation differ.
But he made clear he did not intend to disarm the fighters, many of them children.
Even so, these companies still intend to invest, if they can only get credit.
If you intend to use rainwater for drinking, minimizing contamination is essential.
Policymakers may not intend to keep us trim when they're pondering how to manage fisheries and other wild food resources.
He did not intend to muddy the water with so little information.
If you intend to plant it outdoors eventually, choose a variety that thrives in your climate.
Be sure that what you are revealing is what you intend.
Do not promise to send photographs unless you intend to follow through.
Many people intend to start eating right tomorrow, or the day after, or first thing next week.
And even if you don't intend to, you can't really avoid getting better at it.
However, a key consideration in laptops is how much time do you intend to stay unplugged.
It seems they intend to restore it only up to a point.
When choosing a compost bin or a design to build your own, consider how much material you intend to compost.
Magpies favor one brain hemisphere depending on how they intend to approach a threat.
If rain doesn't do the job for you, moisten the bed thoroughly a few days before you intend to plant.
We need to know if they intend to continue to operate behind a dark wall of government secrecy.
Student-government officials don't intend to make the student body pay for the service.
Chop or break up any large pieces you intend to add to the compost unit.
If you intend to attend the meeting yourself, please approach me and introduce yourself.
And many in this increasingly well-heeled group intend to use their money to purchase an overseas education for their children.
Private taxis are also available and are recommended if you intend to tour the region extensively.
Because that's usually what the writers intend to say.
Ask students to imagine that their parents are planning vacations to the coast and intend to go whale watching.
Move the furniture you intend to clean to a dry area outdoors or to a well-ventilated area indoors.
But he said the agencies intend to set standards for trailers, as well.
We intend to introduce him to her apartment next week.
They intend to do further studies with larger sample sizes in different conditions.
They intend to restore power to the cooling system now.
Industrialists use this equipment to make prototypes, exact replicas of items they intend to manufacture.
It's a matter of degree, of how myopic you intend to be.
They clearly intend to survive the damages from hostile climate change.
It is good to speak with the universities about your choice in terms of what you intend to do afterwards.
We intend to get some out before the end of the calendar year.
The two colleges also intend to get their students involved.
They intend to investigate the problem and produce a report.
Then post come thoughtful comments to several other threads that indicate you intend to participate on the fora.
The companies said they intend to complete the offering as soon as market conditions allow.
Permission only needs to be obtained if you intend to sell those specific images or use them to market a product.
Our goal is to help ensure that patients use medicines exactly as prescribed and as their doctors intend.
Eventually, they intend to construct genes-and new forms of life-from scratch.
Those scholars did not intend, nor could they have anticipated, the applied value of their work.
So from where does the government intend to shell out the tax they intend to press upon the people.
They intend to set up centres in every area where the refugees have gone, telling them how the clean-up is progressing.
We plan to fly some more and intend to conquer cosmic space as it should be done.
Barter for any goods and services you intend to purchase.
They didn't intend it to be used to sell headache remedies.
If you intend to have children, and play a major role in their lives, your professional life will suffer.
The concept of a neg is to breakdown behaviors that might communicate something you wish it not to intend.
Will you go back to your old favorite subjects or do you intend to read about the latest thing.
Add about two thirds of the sauce you intend to use and gently stir it in.
The original statement is worth reading, and has the chance to make the author's name live in a way he didn't intend.
It is kindness immediately to refuse what you intend to deny.
He did not expect, nor intend, to better people by them.
The parliament did not know what he intended, nor what he did not intend.
And it is no less danger to them, for to intend to run away than to do it indeed.
They will adopt the language of green politics to provide cover for what they really intend to do.
If you are going as a tourist and intend to stay for a period of six months or less, then you will not require a visa.
When you're planning a road trip, obvious expenses include gas, lodging and admission to paid attractions you intend to visit.
Bring formal dining clothes only if your cruise ship offers formal dining options that you intend to attend.
If people don't have a job, they're not too interested in how you intend for them to have a job.
But it was implied clearly that they did not intend to work for him.
When these landlords buy buildings they intend to vacate, they use corporate names that are difficult to trace.
Worse yet, few third-party apps have a privacy policy telling users what they intend to do.
Most wave energy plants that intend to supply power to mainland use the existing electric grid for storage.
He has recommended they resubmit with a different route, and the company has indicated they intend to resubmit.
The article did not address-and did not intend to address-either of these two themes.
Turns out robots are not always the hardworking, sensible employees that companies intend them to be.
From votes in elections, to votes on social media sites, people see what others around them are doing or intend to do.
In fact, there is no point in running a surplus unless you intend to cash it in at a future date.
No politician or other leader is going to take such measures as long as they also intend to retain their position power.
Even when people set out to act purposefully and rationally, they wind up doing things they did not intend.
They intend to monitor this through the forum and relay comments to the panel.
Nor did he intend to even grossly estimate that number.
Current, repeated buybacks will therefore have the opposite effect of what buyback proponents intend.
Still, there's no guarantee that simply taking the beer out of beer pong will have the sobering effect that college deans intend.
NC farmers intend to plant more acres of cotton, sweet potatoes, wheat this year.
Activate your turn signal to let other drivers know that you intend to change direction.
Be sure to also check the water you intend to fish in as additional take, method, gear and closure provisions may apply.
Students enrolled in education programs who intend to teach these languages are eligible as well.

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