intelligent design in a sentence

Example sentences for intelligent design

All intelligent design has to do to be effective is create confusion about the validity of evolutionary theory.
Intricate cellular components are often cited as evidence of intelligent design.
Evolution is still the intelligent design of all species.
The falsity of intelligent design is established by the existence of those who can believe in it.
Again, the science and idea of this occurrence makes perfect sense in evolution, but makes no sense in intelligent design.
One who asks whether a stochastic evolutionary process or intelligent design better explains some biological formation.
Properly designed resources that offer energy when recycled could be bread into a form of intelligent design however.
The variable light speed model has its connection to the intelligent design theory.
Intelligent design is one of the many theories put forward over centuries of thought for how the world began.
The biggest argument for the intelligent design crowd is the panda's mating habits.
These manufacturers' data are required to make intelligent design tradeoffs.
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