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The cute little creature requires a lot of ingenuity to foil because he is persistent, intelligent, and skillful.
For me your books are some of the best of intelligent stories dealing on crime and forensics.
They're not as intelligent as people make them out to be.
He wears a clean, straight mustache above an intelligent smile.
These animals are so intelligent, killing them for no reason is wrong.
They're actually the only organism that you could think of as being intelligent that's not a vertebrate.
Thank you for the music, thank-you also for the intelligent integrity of your life.
Dolphins are playful, intelligent creatures and swimming with them can be an unforgettable experience.
Swimming with majestic, intelligent animals such as dolphins can be both extremely rewarding and invigorating.
Intelligent, savvy player who carries game-time intensity to practice.
She says particularly intelligent kids who understand the nuances of lying may be more prone to lie.
The desire for a national literature was undiminished, though it was perhaps becoming more intelligent.
As they are in themselves, so they appear to be to the understanding of all intelligent beings.
To the intelligent, nature converts itself into a vast promise, and will not be rashly explained.
He was too impatient and dictatorial, too heedless of the small arts and unwearied, intelligent industry of the party manager.
He was extremely intelligent, though he was certainly rather a simpleton at times.
And the finer minds returned with a deeper and more intelligent patriotism.
His countenance was intelligent, and had the air of city life and society.
The notion of intelligent machines inspired a blizzard of books and movies, but practical returns were meager.
He's well spoken, intelligent and pretty successful.
Imagine that you were interviewing an intelligent fish, and you asked it to describe its environment.
Highly educated, highly motivated, intelligent people are struggling.
She wishes she had the secret to conjure up jobs for all her eager, intelligent, talented and ambitious readers.
At the same time, though, the highly intelligent introvert is not necessarily wired to play well with others.
The quest for an alien microbe is supplemented by a continuing effort to find something large, intelligent, and communicative.
It is not his job to convince skeptics of the possibility of intelligent life beyond this planet.
So yeah, intelligent people need homogeneity in the sense that they need to be surrounded by other intelligent people.
Oil, it seems to do something to otherwise intelligent peoples ability to think rationally.
Particularly intelligent people can be especially good at deceiving themselves.
But the creatures are intelligent and adaptable, so these efforts are not keeping pace with the exploding feral hog population.
Homeland-Showtime's latest original series, which premiered last night-is a gripping, intelligent thriller with a lot to say.
The question remains as to how often, after life evolves, you'll have intelligent life capable of making technology.
There is little sign, even, of intelligent discussion.
Then the writer must be intelligent and disinterested and above all he must survive.
There's probably no intelligent life in the outer solar system.
Contrary to what many people believe, highly intelligent children are not necessarily destined for academic success.
Interestingly it does suggest a strong biological bottleneck every intelligent species in the universe is likely to encounter.
Anybody can say what you are saying trying to make them appear intelligent.
One potential outcome of this phenomenon might be the invention of artificially intelligent computers.
Imagining intelligent life surviving billions of years is interesting.
The bottom line is that an intelligent dependent effect, always ultimately demands a non-dependent self-existing first cause.
Never has so many highly paid intelligent people been so misguided.
Either way, the spacecraft becomes the first object in interstellar space created by intelligent life.
Those who did not say much were judged as averagely intelligent and not so creative.
If anything, those that are less intelligent will be more bored.
There are intelligent or gifted people who obtain a degree of success on that alone without effort.
Such observational learning, a hallmark of intelligent social animals, seemed impossible.
It's pretty straightforward, the more intelligent are more skeptical of astrology.
Even if intelligent visitors from outer space were coming over it would still be rejected.
There are far fewer correct paths-intelligent paths-than there are paths.
Also there could be plenty of intelligent alien races not quite as advanced as us, but they're still intelligent races.
Nonetheless, these simple gambits can produce surprisingly intelligent-seeming conversations.
Non-intelligent species were too rudimentary or too far away to be detected.
Even intelligent people can't study everything, and understanding how science works is a long process.
We have become intelligent enough to outcompete all other organisms on the planet.
For this reason, the emulation of possible futures is one of the key businesses that intelligent brains invest in.
Real-world political melodrama, with obvious good and bad guys, but intelligent and well acted.
So, he told her she was intelligent and she came to life, talked and expressed opinions.
He's articulate and knowledgeable-he's somewhat intelligent.
But it doesn't matter how intelligent you are if you are a bigot.
We don't know how many successful psychopaths there are, and they may be quite intelligent.
He has an intelligent way of shaping phrases, controlling dynamics, varying articulations.
He has managed to seem intelligent and daft, often in the same breath.
Sometimes the intelligent thing to do is not to delay-marshmallows spoil, parents forget, prices go up.
In addition to improving interactions, this emotional logic should also help intelligent agents carrying out noninteractive tasks.
Intelligent textiles could monitor vital signs, warn of allergens, even cool off their wearers when the temperature rises.
The company has said that its robots will be intelligent, adaptable, and inexpensive.
He has no scientific training and has never said an intelligent thing in any of his web posts.
Now we're seeing the beginning of what's called intelligent multimodal transportation.
Unfortunately, not everyone is intelligent and not everyone will be ever-vigilant.
Circles provide a more intelligent sharing and better privacy controls-a key distinguishing feature.
If your answer is not in the negative you are not as intelligent as you think you are.
In other words, he has the ardor and sincerity-and the confused notions-typical of so many intelligent autodidacts.
Not everyone, of course, was so intelligent or so high-minded.
Intelligent people proceed blindly, turning aside from escape and exile even at the direst moments.
To keep framing intelligent questions, historians need to construct forms that give meaning to the tangle of human experience.
There's an intelligent way to engage the culture in every area, including politics.
And you will leave the theater a less intelligent human being, but you will also leave slightly happier.
He says he'd prefer to be a lemur or a rabbit and still be intelligent and keep the opposable thumbs.
If there had been more of that kind of intelligent preparation, there could have been much less looting and panic and revenge.
Both of us talked about how he was intelligent, and a good way of showing a lot of intelligence is when you see someone has a wit.
The mercenaries are all intelligent and reserved, with square jaws and chiseled features.
Intelligent design is one of the many theories put forward over centuries of thought for how the world began.

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