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They live secret lives, surviving on stealth and intelligence.
Many explanations for the evolution of primate intelligence relate to the challenges of finding food.
The idea of the neurons' centrality to social intelligence is gaining ground.
Low hanging fruit from a guy who should have the experience and intelligence to dig deeper.
The freedom gave him courage to meet any contradiction, and intelligence enough to ignore it.
He suspects the intelligence or the heart of his friend.
To the soul they give intelligence and that delectation that cometh of the contemplation of truth.
Furthermore, crows may provide clues to understanding human intelligence.
While hyenas are known as scavengers, they also possess great intelligence and skill on the hunt.
Octopuses of many species are well known for their intelligence.
The red fox's resourcefulness has earned it a legendary reputation for intelligence and cunning.
In captivity, gorillas have displayed significant intelligence and have even learned simple human sign language.
Research in history and literary studies has also shaped the world of national intelligence.
But having a lot of intelligence in its purest form isn't really necessary for that job.
Blithely relegating non-white students to sub-white intellectual status is lacking in intelligence and decency.
Intelligence can still be accompanied by learning disabilities.
Further, those committees need to reach out to the intelligence and defense communities for advice.
Some nations have more of this intelligence than others.
It is amazing how much that added to the relevancy of their instruction and the intelligence of their counseling.
Put some of your high intelligence to work on the research project of yourself.
From what his students have said, he taught with the same level of intelligence and respect for differing viewpoints.
The definition of intelligence is not described in the article.
Additionally, the article didn't mention how intelligence was measured.
Such precision farming using satellite-based intelligence is in its infancy.
For intelligence-gatherers whose work is based on bugging and eavesdropping, life has never been better.
One pending change would authorise more intelligence sharing between federal and local officials.
But always they needed human intelligence to function.
It is about to embark on a search for the genetic underpinning of intelligence.
Bees help to explain the link between intelligence and long life.
Your intelligence affects your life span in several surprising ways.
The argument over whether intelligence is innate or environmentally influenced has raged for more than a century.
The question of machine intelligence is a tricky one.
Logically, brain function and intelligence must relate to the number of neurons.
At last, some form of intelligence is altering the dusty face of our neighboring world.
In one group, the tasks focused on reasoning, planning and problem-solving abilities--skills correlated with general intelligence.
Similar ideas can also be found in new conceptualizations of human intelligence.
The concept of prediction errors was initially put forward in research on artificial intelligence.
We can only use intelligence and past studies to come up with a list of possible dangers.
Now computer programmers are harnessing software versions of these same processes to achieve machine intelligence.
It occurs to me that humans are conceited in their estimation of their intelligence.
It's guaranteed to impress your local farmer-and boost your agri-intelligence.
Although humanoid in form, he has two hearts and almost-celestial intelligence.
Native intelligence and academic achievement do lift many poor students into college.
So education must include all those things as having something to do with the concept of value in relation to intelligence.
The intelligence community employs more than a hundred thousand people, including tens of thousands of private contractors.
But he also has the intelligence to take the measure of his texts.
They have intensity, intelligence, a personality in sound.
Wit, after all, is the unfailing symptom of intelligence.
Great intelligence officers often have the melancholy job of telling their superiors things they don't want to hear.
Both of us talked about how he was intelligent, and a good way of showing a lot of intelligence is when you see someone has a wit.
But they accepted him for his irrepressible intelligence and humor.
LaRouche's network is maintained by various security, intelligence, and fund-raising divisions.
One extraordinary parrot helped shatter our preconceptions about animal intelligence.
Intelligence is a nebulous quality that has no definition that leads to qualitative measurements.
It has no sense of forward-planning, no overhead maps or intelligence to guide its moves.
Some psychologists have argued that a high processing speed in the brain is a vital ingredient for intelligence.
The integrity of neural wiring is a big factor in determining intelligence.
We need a new language for artificial intelligence.
Artificial intelligence needs a reboot, say experts.
The importance of engineering motivation into intelligence.
All are intended to add a stronger artificial intelligence backbone to the company's speech recognition software.
Dogs, having intelligence, can adapt to the new tasks asked of them.
The platforms can also mine collective intelligence to solve problems efficiently.
But the idea of collective intelligence shouldn't seem so far-fetched.
Building intelligence into the power grid would make electricity cheaper and more reliable.
For people it gets more and more difficult to find a job, because robots and artificial intelligence will do our work.
The things they're doing make hardened intelligence folks question the legality of it.
My self-serving faith in articulacy was reinforced: not merely evidence of intelligence but intelligence itself.
His programs give intelligence and flexibility to her machines.
We should instead seek to inspire the phenomenon of individual intelligence.
Where military intelligence is not a contradiction in terms.
Many animals have some level of social intelligence, allowing them to coexist and cooperate with other members of their species.
At the time, much of the action in animal intelligence was focused on efforts to teach apes to use human languages.
Every major intelligence agency across the world does the exercise.
The general-intelligence theory says that our bigger and more complex brains give us an overall edge.
Some philosophers maintain that solving the problem of consciousness is beyond the reach of human intelligence.
His intelligence only exacerbated his lack of social skills.
To gain ground in the material world you need more than strength or intelligence.
Our own intelligence agencies tell us that nation-building is not going well.
Tackle a tangle of troubles with logic and intelligence.
Intelligence collection as here discussed is a broad service and support activity.
There was no formal military intelligence organization, and counterintelligence was an unknown art.

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