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He had never claimed to write for the intellectuals.
Evangelical intellectuals are trying to revitalize their tradition.
Intellectuals and partisans may line up at the extremes, but ordinary people mix and match values from competing menus.
Distrust of authority and disdain for intellectuals is nothing new.
All of a sudden, artists are again plainly smarter in their bones than art intellectuals are in their brains.
Occidentalists extol soul or spirit but despise intellectuals and intellectual life.
Intellectuals are interesting, since they tend to try to rise above this aspect of humanity.
Most intellectuals unfortunately live in isolated worlds and take anecdotes as truth.
Attacks on science and on intellectuals and experts more generally.
Major public intellectuals routinely take a shot at characterizing what made it so special, and it's a lively area of scholarship.
All great intellectuals are arrogant and all those who are revolutionary face this challenge and rise to it.
It would be remiss to neglect the role intellectuals have played in this evolving drama.
Since then it has snowballed, with prominent intellectuals and several politicians themselves joining its ranks.
Still, no leader who is relentlessly sneered at by intellectuals can be all bad.
Even intellectuals who gripe about personal-freedom and civil rights issues seem to do so through a filter of sincere patriotism.
Less amusing is the number of intellectuals, businessmen and political leaders who gave eugenics their blessing or fervid support.
Intellectuals come up with the ideas, politicians try to implement them, and operatives try to round up the votes.
The sur-blog thread is drawing new intellectuals by the minute.
Voluntary coverage for the self-employed, artists, and intellectuals.
Intellectuals in this sense can be film directors and singers of songs, as well as college professors.
The volume concludes with an essay on the role of intellectuals in society and government.

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