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The cottage's angled metal roof is available with an integrated solar laminate to power the unit.
He omitted battles, jigs and spectacles, and secured a coherent and carefully integrated development of the main action.
They appear to be better integrated with their surroundings.
History of the tribe, tells how they have withstood the pressure that has integrated other such groups.
Incidental figures and decorative motifs are deftly integrated in extended formats as much as eight feet high or ten feet long.
With few exceptions, the songs are not integrated into the show-the characters don't hear them.
A-It will be completely intuitive and seamlessly integrated.
But nowadays you have more choices, including low-profile solar tiles that can be integrated with standard siding or shingles.
The simulator involves a headset an integrated video monitor and a remote control of the sort used to manipulate the machinery.
Image file sizes are minimized using a tiling scheme and integrated image cataloging.
Not so cool, though, are the integrated real-time traffic reports.
Batch collectors or integrated collector-storage systems heat water inside a large tank or box and store it there until needed.
Historic elements seem well integrated into the new development but tend to blend too well.
Durable covers stand up to outdoor use, with integrated quick-reference flaps that double as place-markers.
And the world has been transformed into a better more sophisticated and integrated place.
Power upgrades are integrated with construction planning for the events.
Today's generation has integrated web-based technology into their daily lives.
Integrated programs that teach students both urban and conservation-planning principles will be key to overcoming this deficiency.
Significant senior management experience in successful enrollment programs with integrated admission and financial aid operations.
Strive to make rational, well-examined decisions, integrated within an overall plan.
As elements of the integrated circuits running our computers, phones and electronics, silicon wafers are everywhere.
The gist of my article was really that integrated circuit technology is going to make electronics cheap.
He also led a team that designed a new type of high-speed integrated circuit for particle detectors.
Third, the precautionary principle must be integrated into environmental regulation and enforcement.
Integrated exposure meters tend to overestimate exposure time the smaller the solar image is in relation to total image size.
Certainly not a bunch of tiny images but rather an integrated sensation.
The world need to fight together to bring change in an integrated manner.
The solar laminates are only one element in a comprehensive building-integrated system for conserving energy.
Making integrated circuits involves depositing layers of materials such as semiconductors and metals on a silicon wafer.
Even it is unknown that how time and space are precisely integrated at quantum level.
Perhaps the implementation of complex integrated processing systems might introduce additional system reliability issues.
Even the basic telephone needs to be simpler and better integrated.
Its expanded empire stretched from sea to sea, integrated by revolutionary innovations in transportation and communications.
Adopting a new, integrated approach will require political leadership that is disciplined and willing to take risks.
Because the animal that's conscious has integrated the image of a tiger.
He wonders whether the physical universe, its laws, and conscious observers might form an integrated whole.
Somehow, our integrated image of the world emerges from this complex labyrinthine network of brain structures.
Then you simply multiply the cross section times the integrated luminosity.
Thus it seems that when previously integrated systems become isolated, entropy decreases.
The pre-digit is really integrated into the fat pad.
The new neurons integrated into the brains of their hosts and the rats' symptoms improved.
These integrated mental organs operate somewhat independently, and sometimes at cross-purposes.
The bacterial additions had to be integrated around this core network.
For example, once integrated, a radioactive heat source cannot be turned off.
These sequences hadn't integrated themselves into the different genomes.
The euro countries are not an optimal currency zone: their economies do not move in sync, and they are not fully integrated.
The anti-testing backlash is beginning to cohere as an integrated national effort.
Exceedingly stable, well integrated and feels secure within himself.
For example, they pay providers for fragmented care, rather than for integrated treatments for diseases or disabilities.
It's designed with the expectation that consumers want their personal technologies integrated.
Second, integrated graphics in a textbook will be another education revolution.
They thought that there might be a link between how socially integrated a bat colony is and the nature of its tents.
The battleground is over how integrated financial firms should be structured.
Such an evolution would continue to benefit parts suppliers at the expense of today's integrated automobile manufacturers.
Actually, in the long run everybody benefits from a globally integrated market when there is diversity of demand and production.
Capital controls were lifted three decades ago and financial markets are highly integrated.
He and his family integrated their food and customs to their new land.
Soon, concession stands were integrated into the designs of theatres.
The ketchup has a mellow, integrated curry flavor, and may have been my favorite sauce of the bunch.
One wonders, had he spent a little more time on each film, if they might have achieved a more balanced and integrated tone.
But somebody needed to, so she insisted that he be integrated into the process.
The progressive miniaturization of silicon-based integrated circuits has led to smaller, cheaper, more powerful machines.
But the batteries and integrated circuits necessary to drive these devices make them difficult to fully miniaturize.
To make the membranes, the researchers employ tools that are used to create integrated circuit chips.
All complex forms of biological species on this planet are simple integrated modulators.
Nanotechnology may provide some new great gadgets that are smaller, lighter, and more integrated.
Apple hasn't created amazing new tech so much as beautiful, well-integrated tech.
While many consumers still live in segregated neighborhoods, integrated ads have become the height of hipness.
There's a world government now, and the combat troops are fully gender integrated--to the point where they take showers together.

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