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She was unusual in her ability to integrate her latent literary gifts into her conscious self.
Or a grocer's glove with sensors that integrate temperature, smell and vision to determine if produce has gone bad.
But previous technology has struggled to integrate a sensor and an actuator.
There are also plans to integrate standard sensors for acceleration, light levels, and salinity as well.
There are nine other deaf children at the school, although they have had time to adapt and integrate.
Physically, they integrate the surface water runoff into organized drainage nets.
It helps you integrate tweeting into your regular workflow, and builds expectations among your followers.
They could integrate the functionality and design of the hardware and software as they see fit.
So writing my first book was both an act of personal recovery as well as an attempt to integrate my life's disparate interests.
We integrate ideas to get to a new way of accomplishing something, performing a task, creating a service.
Some of these projects aim to integrate novel materials into current lithium ion batteries.
Simply put, one experiences a traumatic event but is unable to integrate it into the story of his or her life.
And best of all, they could integrate into existing networks.
You'd have to integrate for a while to see all those stars so the mount must have been spinning.
What he couldn't do was take his rectangles down to the width of zero and integrate.
In so doing, it will be quite difficult to integrate the stories of indigenous peoples with information emerging out of genetics.
The idea behind mems is simple: shrink and integrate.
We need to honor our differences and integrate the potential that creates.
If you integrate dl over time you will get the final path length of the photon that you need.
They're located in the head of the animal, and they integrate multiple sensory inputs, and coordinate behaviour.
Next: the vehicle is to integrate new propulsion tech.
Those who want to integrate or succeed are held back by stereotypes about dirt, crime, fecklessness and illiteracy.
For example, it might become easier to integrate existing immigrant communities.
Platforms to integrate the data streams from all kinds of sensors are another new market.
Successful companies also integrate talent development with their broader strategy.
Key for the council is to integrate the many militias into a new army and police.
The leaders also agreed a follow-up scheme to keep up pressure to integrate security policy.
As communications integrate, usage is bound to soar further.
Rather than pit training against university preparation, they are trying to integrate the two.
Car manufacturers might even develop vehicles that integrate the driver's thoughts with the braking or steering system.
The government is also trying to integrate social services, health care and education.
The big question is whether they will be able to integrate smoothly and manage their new parts.
But in the days before school was to begin, tensions rose as citizens groups protested the decision to integrate.
The problem is how to integrate the conscious mind with the physical brain-how to reveal a unity beneath this apparent diversity.
The primary role of this position is to promote and support innovative teaching practices that integrate digital technologies.
Others believe a campus must integrate physically with the city in order to stay relevant.
And it had a plan to integrate engineering and medical disciplines.
Among his contributions were to integrate social-science research and an understanding of economic markets into urban planning.
Colleges can provide support services at times convenient to part-time students or integrate services into required course work.
Setting a schedule helps integrate your writing into the rest of your life, as well.
But few integrate a rigorous course of study in languages with standard business subjects.
Integrate teaching and service into research proposals.
The building is designed to integrate students with and without disabilities.
For vocabulary building, the best way is to integrate the words into your daily writing.
She's always looking for new and interesting ways to integrate digital tools into her courses, without making them the focus.
The idea is that customers can choose from a lot of different vendors and technologies and easily integrate them.
The idea behind the project is simple to understand and difficult to realize: integrate the buildings into the tropical ecosystem.
Yet our brain is able to integrate all the stimuli and make sense of the cacophony of movement and sound.
Catch shares integrate the economic and environmental sides of fisheries management.
One was the question of how to integrate the combustion engine with the generator when the car is in its extended-range mode.
For a long time the goal was to integrate voice, video and data by carrying them on the same copper wires.
In treating these patients, many therapists try to get them to integrate their discrete personalities into a coherent whole.
He thinks that the neurons integrate information from across the senses to create a cohesive representation of the body.
It is an effort to try to help integrate new developments in neuroscience into the legal system.
The better he can integrate the experience, the better they learn.
Your brain can integrate information well beyond the boundaries of single neurons, however.
Over the next few months, we'll integrate social media and offer a variety of versions and ways to subscribe in digital form.
The bears can be played with and are likely to integrate easily into people's lives, says the company.
Researchers integrate refraction information to improve x-ray resolution.
Augmented reality could integrate such translation services into everyday views of a foreign city.
And researchers need to figure out how to get large volumes of cells to integrate effectively into the retina.
Once implanted in a patient, cells migrate through the pores and help integrate the artificial cornea with the surrounding tissue.
Moreover, the fabrication process they developed makes it easy and inexpensive to integrate the antenna into a commercial laser.
As the world shrinks and economies integrate, national boundaries become less important.
They tried as much as possible to integrate, and in doing so shut away their customs, language and heritage.
The doctors believe her sensations were caused by a failure of the brain to integrate tactile sensations and balance.
First, you've got to integrate payment and provision of care.

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