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Example sentences for integral

These considerations were integral to the design, he says.
Space exploration has bred satellite technology, which has become an integral part of modern living.
Side comment on the path integral formulation of quantum mechanics.
Children detect falseness a mile away, so believing in what you're doing is an integral part of leading by example.
Intuition and creativity are also integral to his work.
Both of these sectors are demand drivers of rare earths, used in magnets and batteries integral to these products.
Those courts were in fact an integral part of the rebellion.
By that point, she hopes sustainability will be an integral part of the design process, making the pact redundant.
It functioned more as partial guide than as integral component in the stroke.
Starting in the jet era, flight data recorders became integral to investigating crashes.
The hunt for the best waves is an integral part of the challenge of surfing.
After all, the house is meant to be an integral part of the land.

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