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Each place possesses a distinctive set of tangible and intangible characteristics that help to distinguish it from other places.
But shipwreck victims are case studies in the intangible attributes of survivors.
It doesn't matter what method you use if you do not first focus on one intangible factor: the bond between professor and student.
Clicking the mouse is an instrumental touch of the device that purveys an intangible thing through it.
Now there is evidence that life experience as intangible as culture can also reorganize our neural pathways.
For example, knowledge-an intangible, abstract concept-is often recast in terms of the concrete experience of sight.
We live and die in a society beholden to an intangible number in cyberspace, believed to be wealth.
In every corner of academia are those who would wish their field remain elite and completely intangible for outsiders.
Angling delivers the wily spiritual satisfactions that come with giving yourself to something that offers only intangible payback.
There is an intangible excitement in seeing a balloon float in midair.
At the same time, it proposes a puzzling contradiction: a mighty, physical presence that is meant to represent the intangible.
The hours are interminable, the demands often unreasonable, the rewards intangible.
One of his chief accomplishments was more intangible than substantive, historians say.
Brand, and all that it represents, is widely accepted to be the key driver behind such intangible value.
She notes that many of the early results are intangible: for example, a new optimism bubbling up in churches and volunteer groups.
Drawing on consumer-inspired technology can produce intangible benefits too.
By these measures the space age has indeed been a success-delivering both tangible and intangible benefits to earthlings.
There's a temptation among those who want to reduce public spending on social insurance to minimise such intangible goods.
It is interesting how an intangible nothing can be so highly valued.
Also, the metrics that this study is working with are inherently difficult to measure, as happiness is inherently intangible.
One is punishing savers, such as intangible tax on savings account balance.
Since software is abstract and intangible it should not be patented.
Even if a soloist extemporizes for only a minute, the remainder of the performance may gain something intangible.
And something intangible has been lost in the translation to the e-book format.
Those shadings are the sort of diversity which gives intangible aesthetic coloring to the world.
Perhaps saying that scripture doesn't adequately describe an intangible, transcendent, infinite being is poor wording.
Discoveries that seem to offer only intangible benefits to the species all end up as useful tools one way or the other.
The characteristics of the next wave of consumerism are already discernible in intangible social media phenomena.

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