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Fish are served whole, head and tail intact, symbolizing a good beginning and end in the coming year.
Perfect preservation, the past intact, when nothing of the kind could be said of herself.
If a lesion knocks out one ability but leaves another intact, it is evidence that they are wired into different neural circuits.
Patients use nerves left intact after amputations to control prosthetic limbs.
The steel employed should be capable of remaining intact for the foreseeable future.
She is no demimondaine, and she wants to be reasonably intact on her wedding night.
Otherwise, the house stood intact, with few signs a major firefight only two days earlier.
The brick-and-stone walls of the church are intact, but the roof collapsed long ago.
To keep the integrity of the recordings intact, de-noising technology and overall volume limiting was used sparingly.
The brain stem for the chicken would be kept intact so that the homeostatic functions continue to operate, allowing it to grow.
The runway may be intact, but the control tower lost communications after the quake.
Cognitively he's intact, but he can't make a motion to deliver that message or any other to the world.
Keeping skin intact and pieces of chicken whole or in large pieces, carefully remove bones from meat, discarding bones.
Those with their antennae intact had no problem orienting and flying south.
They also remained intact after the alternating voltage was removed.
To do this, they isolated thin slices of rat brain containing intact sensory, vasopressin-releasing and clock neurons.
Typical nets shred them, and collecting them intact can require heroic efforts.
Which is why he took great care to leave his brain intact for study.
None of their subjects had a history of neurological or psychiatric illness, and all had intact working memory abilities.
And a plastic buoy can survive intact in the ocean for decades.
These children have intact, healthy intestinal tracts.
To begin with, dinosaur skeletons are rarely found intact, and figuring out how scattered bones fit together is not always clear.
Old logs remain intact for centuries, protected by bitter tannins and volatile oils that repel insects.
Their memories were all intact, and questionnaire showed that both groups remembered the same level of detail about the videos.
Instead of enucleating them, they kept them intact and inserted the adult cell's nucleus alongside the original one.
Intact tropical evergreen forests burn with extreme reluctance or not at all, even in severe droughts.
The story has remained intact, with a few unimportant modifications.
Genes remain intact, but under new patterns of control.
They pulled several intact bowls from inside a large jar, took them ashore, and sold them.
The skull was missing a lower jaw but had a nearly intact cranium.
The nearly intact specimen enabled the researchers to determine that it grew in watery environments.
Their feathers had been removed, but their heads and feet were intact-a sign that the owls were to be sold as food.
He popped to the surface in the aftermath, found the board intact, and paddled back into position outside the break.
Your friends list will still largely be intact in the morning.
Some users, who still enjoy sensitive and intact hearing, might detect a slight background hiss.
Occasionally, though, a strain that had seemed to infect only birds will cross over more or less intact into humans.
Cline also wonders why the ark over time would have been left intact at all.

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