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Example sentences for insurrection

The picture of the volcano as positive symbol of insurrection against social injustice needed more time to become popular.
Although they came to form a majority of the country population they never made a successful insurrection.
Events have since evolved into a budding insurrection.
Normally this was to be accomplished by armed insurrection against the existing order.
It grounds this claim in the right of insurrection, which clearly does exist whenever tyranny exists.
It's relatively rare that the company that's triumphant in the commodity phase can move back to the insurrection phase.
Nowadays moonshiners prefer tax evasion to insurrection to protect their trade.
The implied threat of renewed insurrection may be a bluff.
The cheated victors became founders of the insurrection.
It takes a dedicated insurrection to destroy sprawling oil infrastructure.
After precisely one day of practice, there was near insurrection.

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The spirit of revolution, the spirit of insurrection, is a spirit radically opposed to liberty.... more
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