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But such suspicions of insurgent links to antiquity smuggling have drawn mixed opinions in the past from experts.
In the past six months the oil infrastructure has become a focus for insurgent attacks.
The upgrade in insurgent technology couldn't come at a worse time.
The junta's failure to co-opt or crush insurgent groups is a blot on its own copybook.
It was the single deadliest insurgent strike in more than four years of war.
Troops on patrol come under sustained, accurate insurgent fire and get pinned behind their truck.
With insurgent violence worsening on both sides of the border, the consequences could be grim.
It was the beginning of the end for his insurgent campaign.
The military's tried nearly everything to stop insurgent bombs.
Even if talks began with some insurgent factions, the violence would not subside fast.
It's an axiom of successful unconventional war that insurgent fighters require safe havens.
There may be divisions within the movement or between its leadership and affiliated insurgent groups.
US troops operating overseas face insurgent threats and affiliations that are constantly changing.
Protracted conflict, not insurgent victory, is the threat.
Reports on insurgent attacks, car bombs and their aftermath.
Witness the text messages of freedom literally flutter free from insurgent cell phones.
Iraqis say that insurgent snipers are still active, often firing from mosques before disappearing into back alleys.
Swathes of insurgent-infested territory will have no vote.
There have been successes too, notably the killing of scores of insurgent commanders.
Everyone who dies that happens to be brown is an insurgent.
At the first opportunity, the insurgent will be questioned.
Even for the non-suicidal insurgent, the allure of arms often trumps the bleak career alternatives of civilian life.
Seven insurgents were killed during clearing operations, in addition to four insurgent suicide bombers.
The insurgent leader constructed roadside bombs and also supplied insurgents with grenades and rockets.
One additional suspected insurgent was detained during the operation.

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