insurgency in a sentence

Example sentences for insurgency

The insurgency was not collapsing then and it is not resurgent now.
It's long been in the insurgency manual to try to provoke overreaction.
The local economy is choked, as so often in two decades of insurgency and protests.
They have little income to fund a full-scale insurgency.
The physicist's formula depends on press reports, to gauge how big and how deadly an insurgency is.
Presumably, he meant the communist insurgency still simmering in the border area.
So that is where reintegration of reconcilable elements of the insurgency comes in.
It will continue to be plagued by violence and insurgency.
And that may require probing the links between insurgency and the narcotics business a bit more closely.
If one side feels it cannot win but has no other recourse then an insurgency will occur.
In other words, the bomb is a currency of self-esteem and a banner of political insurgency.
It was a textbook demonstration of exactly how not to fight an insurgency.
Maybe they had been picked up on the battlefield, and maybe they were involved in low-level insurgency.
Occasionally, mortar rounds launched by the insurgency would rain down on the prison grounds.
The big idea that bubbled up through the chain of command was a long-haul counter-insurgency campaign.
Looting began immediately, and by the time it abated, signs of an insurgency had appeared.
The four ran into the hills and began a decades-long insurgency extending well past the end of the war.
The economic crisis struck amidst a simmering political insurgency.
Over the past two years, the insurgency has been damaged and insurgent leaders have been killed or captured.
The attacks serve to highlight the weakness at the core of the insurgency.
The leaders of an insurgency make every effort to win public recognition for their cause and objectives.
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