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Solar installations are so uncommon that neither our insurer nor our bank knew quite what to do, which added to the delay.
After eighteen months, patient's insurer refused to pay further costs, and dropped him from the rolls.
Lifetime limits on the amount of health care an insurer will pay for will be eliminated, and annual limits will be restricted.
Her employer and insurer already had all her information, so she had no fear of corporate spies finding out about her condition.
Otherwise, no insurer would take on a student who wanted to buy such insurance.
My dental insurer says that the jaw problems are a medical condition, and therefore will not cover any treatment.
And so government has stepped in as the ultimate insurer.
As an insurer, it would worry about a big settlement.
Since the government essentially owns the mortgage purchaser and insurer, that's essentially a direct loss for taxpayers.
Your health insurer won't pay for experimental treatments.
But in general, this is great news for the quality of my own life, as well as for my health-insurer.
The government's pension insurer is taking equity in a troubled company.
The state makes the determination as to whether the insurer needs a rate increase by reviewing the financials of the insurer.
The bailed-out insurer now has a plan to repay its bail-out money.
They say that terrorism is unsuitable for commercial insurance, and that the government should be the insurer of last resort.
Travel insurance that covers individuals with medical problems is available, but details vary by insurer.
Consumers are responsible for the difference between what the out-of-network doctor charges and what their insurer pays.
Each insurer shall file sample copies of all discounted health care services plan agreements, where applicable.
Health insurer charging unreasonable rate increases.
Evidence may be established if the owner of the motor vehicle involved in the accident was a self-insurer.
The external review is paid for by the insurer and is completed by an independent review organization.
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