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It arrived in a plain brown package by registered mail, insured for one million dollars.
His moustache was a trademark insured for an incredible amount.
One major way, is checking the effectiveness of treatments they are being billed for on behalf of insured patients.
Licensed, insured and bonded all-in-one solar panels service provider.
The various mask geometries insured that each rectangle in the array received a different combination of the seven oxides.
Add to that a population that is uninsured or under-insured and you have a recipe for disaster.
Lives insured and a bit invested for fear of accidents.
She is healthy and active and insured and does not have problems with her circulation or healing.
And the output of the production facility is insured.
It was insured, but neither of them thought they would be compensated for the painting's full worth.
The administration argues that the need for such payments will decline as more people become insured under the president's plan.
Many companies have secretly insured their employees lives with themselves as beneficiaries and made money at it.
As long as you continue to make the premium payments, you will collect when the insured individual dies.
Most insured children have health insurance through a parent.
If the government insured those mortgages, they would then be marketable.
Thus new life sprang from the old, and the return of spring-for everyone except one unfortunate soul-was insured.
It makes no sense at all, a fact which probably insured its adoption.
There were no injuries involved in the failure and the satellite was insured.
We need to be insured in case of asteroid impacts, or gamma ray bursts from space.
The first concerns the sources of funding and how care is insured.
Only the fact that bank deposits were federally insured averted a major crisis.
Survival interested him greatly, yet the punishment he gave his own body almost insured its rapid decline.
Cheques are insured money-insured against theft, destruction or loss in any way.
Avarice, graft, and a thick web of lawsuits have insured that it will be a long time before anyone sings a note there again.
His preparation insured that a politician could not drift long in a mental comfort zone.
All available information must be insured so it will not be curtailed or hid- den in any way.
They had engineered the musical equivalent of the interchangeable part, which insured a sort of quality control.
The history responsible for this diversity-one of successive invasions-also insured that the language developed in an unusual way.
Once doctors had insured a dignified and respectful dissection at the hospital, public opinion turned.
But these mortgages are insured by the government, so if the borrower defaults, lenders are guaranteed payment.
Increasingly, local governments are shifting the onus to the insured to vet the carrier.
To the roll of highway perils-drunks, cell phones, teenagers-can be added one more: the insured.
But the fact that they insured some part of their portfolio against default is not proof of it.
My bill would have provided a living stipend for student athletes and would have insured a five-year term for their scholarships.
But some of the non-insured can't afford coverage on their salary.
The cars being traded in must be insured for a more than a year, which means that we're destroying working vehicles for money.
The uninsured also benefit from health care innovation--many of them will be insured by the time they need care.
The holy name was a charm which insured safety and victory.
The pearl-tinged tower was insured against earthquakes, storms and floods.
Moreover, since deposits are not insured, there are no provisions for public bail-outs.
Insurers and company lawyers are arguing about up to what point the money was insured.
Creditor insurance covers debts to a pre-agreed value if the insured is unable to work.
Since then deposits have become insured in government-backed schemes.
He is insured for damage to his property, but not for his loss of earnings.
If many investors are betting on a firm going bankrupt, that sends an important signal to markets and the insured firm.
And deposit funding is cheaper than wholesale funding in part because those deposits are insured.
They promised to supply a safety net, by arranging for deposits to be insured and in other ways.
The number of companies insured against terrorism varies greatly by country.
For insured, they tried to maximize their chance of winning by living an unhealthy lifestyle, or abused the system.
Such commercial aircraft are not insured to fly in combat zones, even to pick up wounded soldiers.
They'll get treated, and the taxpayer or the insured will pick up the tab.
Don't try to use your taxpayer-insured bank to fund your shadow-banking speculative activities.
Some insured kids miss proper health care due to costs.
In the end, this means their health-care costs are higher than those who are fully insured.
The yields they offer on insured certificates of deposit will impress you.

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