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In order to insure that the tools of privacy are available to all, individual acts of heroism are required.
Insofar as people find themselves unable to insure against the significant dangers of life, there is a role for government.
The only solution is to increase publishing, to insure a record of such work is created and maintained.
High bandwidths are required for this as employers will require monitoring to insure that their employees are actually working.
Even ants cooperate among themselves to insure survival of the community.
They all wanted to believe that their credit-default swaps could continue to insure against debt defaults.
Cities no longer have the funds to self-insure themselves from the accustomed barrage of monthly lawsuits.
The nature of reserves is that they insure against emergencies.
Or, for that matter, finding a way to insure a whole island against everything.
We live in a post military world where land holdings do not insure security or sovereignty.
And the old will have to insure themselves for more of the cost of health care.
Regulation can only insure collapses don't happen if it shuts everything down.
Yet the government is in a unique position to insure fairness and transparency.
One is to insure items individually with their own additional floaters to your home insurance policy.
The type of car you drive is also a big factor-and some cars are much more expensive to insure than others.
Eager to insure that viewers don't miss the point, the little drama is exaggerated to the point of possibly inducing hives.

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