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Example sentences for insulator

The dipped-fabric layers act as the conductors while the undipped fabric forms the insulator.
It's also, among other things, an extremely good acoustic insulator and virtually transparent.
It has a poor blood supply, which makes it an excellent insulator.
Operating on the principle of thermodynamics, the hay acts as an insulator and the retained heat slowly cooks the food.
Distilled water actually is a fairly good insulator.
The windshield isn't growing thicker or or becoming a better insulator.
Generally, this is a job for a professional insulator.
Further, its a good heat insulator not because of its temperature.
It's cool in the summer, and in the winter it acts as an insulator through the trapped air.
Snow banked over the covered laid down branches worked as a temperature changing insulator also.
The blanket acts as an insulator to help keep the decomposing matter warm.
It can survive exposure to a vacuum, and it seems to be an insulator-which is why the researchers have chosen it.
Take sulphur hexafluoride, a greenhouse gas used-among other things-as an insulator in some sorts of high-voltage equipment.
Pure diamond is an electrical insulator, but doped, it can become a semiconductor with exceptional properties.
At low pressure and temperature, nitrogen forms molecular crystals and becomes an electric insulator.
It merely acts as an insulator, trapping your body's heat.
But now it turns out that this loss of nerve cells' insulator, a fatty substance called myelin, is only part of the story.
Light, fluffy snow is the best insulator because it has air spaces between the snow crystals.
Setting out to make an insulator, he invented the first true plastic and transformed the world.
The better the insulator works, the longer the data can be stored before the electrons leak away and the data degrades.
But it's still hot after all this time because the crust is a decent insulator.
The best insulator is a vacuum, completely empty space.
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