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When insulating your home, you can choose from many types of insulation.
Faced insulation has paper or foil on one side as a vapor barrier.
The money isn't for insulation per se, it's for approved contractors to apply insulation.
Proper insulation conserves heating and cooling energy.
Cut or flat, can plug used in ceilings, similar to how the paper can be recycled as insulation material.
Earmuffs are nothing more than over-the-ear headphones with some extra insulation and a frustrating inability to play music.
More insulation would improve energy efficiency enormously.
Local building codes dictate required exterior wall and ceiling insulation.
Polymers can fulfill a wide variety of functions thanks to properties such as high strength, solvent resistance and insulation.
Shingles and insulation are also must-haves to keep the chickens warm and dry if you live in an extreme climate.
Such insulation can be worn away by wet weather and rock salt used to clear streets of snow and ice.
And, being in a warm climate, there is no sound insulation.
Their answer, it appears, is thicker insulation and better preparation against folly and accident.
As part of your audit, make sure that your home has adequate insulation.
The company says a failure in a power panel led to a fire involving an insulation blanket.
The foam insulation is turned into pellets that can be used as fuel or for other products.
We have to think more persistently and consistently about the insulation of our houses.
In animals with a thick hair coat this rising of hair expands the layer of air that serves as insulation.
Vacuum is a trailer-mounted beast that removes uranium-contaminated insulation.
Most of the worry centers on manufactured goods that release formaldehyde gas, especially wood products, textiles and insulation.
Better insulation for high-voltage cables could keep them dry during deluges and cut transmission loss.
The wires running from the outlets to the ground are called neutral wires and are color-coded with white insulation.
Many people have already installed insulation and double-glazing, but more is to be done.
Do that too often and the heat generated will burn the insulation around the electrical windings and destroy the motor.
But thousands of buildings constructed before then contain the once-popular insulation material.
To do that requires a fair amount of insulation and isolation.
Some paleontologists have argued that feathers could have started out as insulation.
Surviving neurons often lose myelin, the insulation needed for reliable and quick signal transmission.
Windows in newer houses may stick if too much insulation is packed in the window jamb.
With the summer definitely over, you may want to see whether the insulation in your house can be improved.
We plan on roof, siding and roof replacement and added insulation later, then solar panels.
Rainproof and insect proof inside, and providing good insulation from the heat and the cold.
As expected, the ship's foam insulation was the main cause of the disaster.
Insulation wrapped around the outer can retains heat.
The building had no insulation to speak of, and the roof leaked.
The insulation that keeps seals warm is pure fat, which provides twice the calories of muscle.
The tissue is white because many axons are coated with tightly wrapped layers of electrical insulation called myelin.
Pull the insulation back from the roof to make sure that all the vents are clear.
Insulation made of recycled jean material may be used for walls.
Then cut the floor insulation to fit up against the baffles.
The insulation should not come over the fan housing or blades.
Although they can swim almost from birth, they need the thermal insulation of a thick blubber layer to survive in frigid seas.
The ailment involves destruction of myelin, the white, fatty insulation on nerve cells.
Unless these trends can be reversed, the increasing electronic insulation of individuals will likely tend to increase.
Foam insulation is taped to the windows of the concrete building to keep out the frost.
Old wood frame houses and their insulation are nearly all cellulose so one would expect to find these microorganisms there also.
The slushy mix corrodes the insulation of the underground electrical wires.
Decking, floors and even insulation can be made from recycled wood and plastics.
The burlap offers shade, a bit of insulation from the heat, and air circulation.
Better insulation standards for buildings can be had instantly.
Paper cups are not only more than twice the cost of foam cups, they are less functional, especially in insulation properties.
Our home is one of the few here that have insulation in the ceiling and walls.
And better insulation would reduce fuel demands too.
Since extremely efficient insulation now exists, solar water heat is now possible in colder climates.
When insulation was invented, the standard of living did not go down.
The only problem was that as a summer home, it had no insulation or heat apart from a small wood stove.
We taped bubble wrap around the back half of their hives, hoping that it would help cut the wind and provide a little insulation.
The walls were lined with aged polystyrene foam blocks for insulation.
They had intermittent electricity and meagre insulation.
Polyurethane-used in everything from insulation to floor coatings-is made with toxic isocyanates.
The greenhouse would consist of a thick skin providing thermal insulation, with small transparent windows to admit sunlight.
Usually, when pumps fail, power spikes or overloading fries the insulation coating the copper coils inside the motor.
Instead, it's an opportunity to try out underused new insulation technologies.
Maybe a bit off topic, but the power lines are built above ground for insulation purposes.
Note an alternative might be water-filled chambers in the wall between insulation.
It also uses high-end insulation to stay cool for hours without power.
And if you really care, buy a unit with better insulation.
To keep each layer at the optimal temperature, he would incorporate aerogels, a relatively new type of insulation.
New wool has a scaly cortex for excellent thermal insulation and pleasing texture.
If too much power is put through a cable, it will melt the insulation.
But, at the same time, reduce your energy bills by putting better insulation into your walls.
They include grants for energy-saving home improvements such as triple-glazing, solar energy and insulation.
The insulation that kept wind, sun and rain from half-painted ships provides soundproofing too.
In conservation terms, the house has been built to the highest commercial standards for insulation.
It is more effective than traditional insulation, he says, saves money and is easier on the environment.
It is also a better product, because it provides more insulation.
And as the series progresses, he has a lot of money hidden behind the insulation in his garage.
Horse accidents are always upsetting, but especially when they shatter the sense of imperviousness and insulation of high society.
The essential problem is an insulation from information.
Bundles of smooth muscle fibers allow animals to puff up their fur for insulation or to intimidate others.
Another common stumbling block was insulation ratings for houses.
We've figured out asbestosis in insulation workers, and how it leads to cancer.
At the time, the aircraft was being refurbished, and there was no internal skin or insulation at the experimenter's station.
However, in some cases it can provide too much insulation and make the animal overheat.
As to whether you'd prefer the extra insulation or not, that's a matter of individual preference.
One of the best uses of heating degree days is to measure the value of changes, such as adding more insulation.
Lastly, the four-season tent provides necessary insulation for intense winter weather.
Lack of insulation and cold air coming in through windows are the biggest considerations.
Beyond these easier fixes, adding or updating insulation can pay dividends on your utility bills.
Redoing insulation in existing structures takes time, trouble and money, but the payback is pretty prompt.
Tests demonstrate, as expected, that an open-weave cotton fabric has the smallest insulation value.
The biggest problem was heat transfer and insulation.
He came back into the room sheepishly admitting that yes there was insulation, but bug parts as well.
For instance, you might find that some areas are systematically colder, suggesting a need for better insulation.
Probably because the ice layer forms an insulation layer between the water and the freezer air.
And a rooftop windmill's output can be stored in batteries or large condensers that can be used as insulation.
But burning off wire insulation, cooking circuit boards and using acid to extract gold all take a health and environmental toll.
Insulation reduces the exchange of heat through a surface such as a wall, attic, duct or roof.
Insulation keeps the outdoor temperature from entering your house, reducing heating and cooling needs.
The fleece provides you with crush-resistant warmth and a secure grip, while the synthetic insulation offers compressible warmth.
The device bounces radiation off the tank, allowing technicians to see under the foam insulation.
The house building-the tires serve as both formwork and insulation-is slower and costlier than they anticipated.
Many of them were struck by chunks of metal and insulation that kept peeling off the plane during its frightening descent.
Covering them with insulation batts almost guarantees a freeze-up.
Insulation works best when air is not moving through or around it.
R-Value is a measure of insulation's ability to resist heat traveling through it.
Insulation is simply a method for slowing the movement of heat.
Loose-fill insulation consists of small particles of fiber, foam, or other materials.
Facings are fastened to insulation materials during the manufacturing process.
Water pipes can be protected from freezing and heat loss with insulation.
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