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They also help protect and insulate the body and its internal organs.
Test how well different fabrics insulate from the cold.
The answer is to reduce usage for existing homes and insulate them.
The inch-thick pipes help insulate plants from desert heat.
Yes, they can be poisoned by politics, but there are methods to insulate undue influence.
Also insulate energy-critical indoor surfaces, such as warm air ducts and hot water pipes.
Fourth, you need to insulate the tank to minimize heat loss.
It was used to insulate cables on newly developed radar devices.
All you can do is insulate yourself and your children from its effects.
If you're not in the market for a new water heater anytime soon, insulate your water pipes to reduce heat loss.
But there are plenty of less extreme groups seeking to insulate themselves.
No one can insulate themselves from the consequences of catastrophic global resource failures.
Insulate and clean things up with some electrical tape and you're done.
But people who need to insulate themselves from the emotional demands of others fear this.
Nothing can insulate you from the randomness of life.
It is burned for heating and cooking, or used to insulate buildings.
Park believed he could insulate his real life from the adulation surrounding his online presence.
Higher rates tend to insulate drivers from price spikes.
Less distressed purchasing could, in turn, help insulate immigrants from being scapegoated in the downturn.
In fact, the indictment said, it was a sham intended to insulate the other companies from detection.
One way to insulate yourself from dubious largess is to accept only small tokens of esteem, not decision-clouding munificence.
But the new law does insulate from judicial review many asylum denials and other important decisions of administrative officials.
He cultivates political ties that he hopes will insulate his business ventures from regulatory interference, these people say.
The arrangement was meant to insulate them from interference from other government agencies.
Their handlers, however, do their best to insulate them.
Neither time nor space, it would seem, can insulate us from these disturbing histories.
The cake and meringue insulate the ice cream during the baking.
Crusts insulate the rods from the water and allow them to heat up.
The tone served, it seemed, to insulate the writer from taking the events described too seriously.
The founders believed in a mediated democracy and created a republic that would insulate elections from the rabble.
They don't want to know, so they insulate themselves from bad news.
Rather than trying to teach children how to negotiate the difficulties of the world, you try to insulate them.
Ensuring that the market functions well is the best way to insulate consumers against the vagaries of a single supplier.
Another improvement is the use of modern materials to insulate the boiler and the steam pipes.
But once the depth of any rock cover exceeds several centimeters, it will insulate ice from the sun's warming rays.
The half-million-square-foot covering is designed to absorb rainwater, filter stack emissions, and insulate the factory.
Insulate the water heater to avoid heat loss in winter.
Insulate your home to reduce power used for heating and cooling.
The condition, which is incompletely understood, involves the destruction of the myelin sheaths that insulate vital nerves.
Not only will it insulate him from fears about the dark, it will also come in handy if he needs to see in the middle of the night.
And it helps insulate the company from currency exchange risks.
Another way to speed up wires is to insulate them, and again the same goes for neurons.
The only difficulty is in spending the money to insulate it.
So you can coat with it and it will insulate against heat transfer.
In a town that has for decades tried to insulate itself from the world, the walls are finally crumbling.
Such accommodations might insulate software firms from some of the effects of copying.
The earliest cars had no suspension, nothing to insulate riders from the rigors of rough roads.
If you choose to insulate at the floor level, you must also insulate ducts and water pipes.
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