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Canadians suffer from acute and insufferable political correctness.
Despite these insufferable conditions, prisoners on both sides coped as best they could.
What prevents him from becoming an insufferable goody-two-shoes is his brash side-of-the-mouth cheekiness.
The more he orates, the more he tightens his own noose, and the more the tenured professors will find him insufferable.
In that case, a prime minister who had come to think of himself as a war leader might quickly become insufferable.
At times he was a great companion and at others insufferable.
These sniping, kvetching dinner companions come across as an insufferable collection of overprivileged, feckless whiners.
If he is charismatic, he is also borderline insufferable.
No, she is not permitted except for when it may cause her an insufferable problem or difficulty.
One of his characters remarks that the hair alone makes a certain plebeian insufferable.
Without characters, the bejeweled language and knot-ridden plots would be insufferable.
He also manages to keep the book's eccentricity in check and its screwball antics from becoming insufferable.
They were insufferable, but the church owes them a great debt.
When conditions become insufferable, those who are not yet dying may chose to end their lives prematurely.
There is nothing gained by your arrogant and insufferable posturing here.
Sure, many of the panels were insufferable, but it was a good excuse to see new places and meet new people.
When it's drawn out over years, it becomes virtually insufferable.
If you are finding the residents of such a place to be insufferable and uninteresting, that's a you problem, not a them problem.
Your intentions may be noble, but your preachy self-righteousness is insufferable.
Here her laugh turned again to an insufferable fit of coughing that lasted five minutes.
He went out, trembling all over from a sort of wild hysterical sensation, in which there was an element of insufferable rapture.
It is a somewhat less insufferable form of cant than the other.
He'd likely be insufferable, taking too much credit for things he had too little to do with.
He knew better than anyone that his neighbors would find this manner boring and insufferable.
Formal charity events are almost always insufferable affairs.
In his letters he referred to himself as an insufferable crab or boor.
But among the traces of them as human beings, there is one striking resemblance: their insufferable arrogance.
The others were excluded upon the ground of fraud or of insufferable deportment.
Alas, his politics and ego have become truly insufferable.
Beguiling as she can be in duckling roles, she becomes insufferable as this story's gloating swan.
It's funny how easily the ineffable verges into the insufferable.
In other hands, this guy could have been an insufferable saint.
It allows those in insufferable pain the choice to end that pain.
No hyphen when it means not: inaccurate, insufferable.
Some individual operations also endured heat and insufferable smoke from the regional forest fires.
Till within the last few days the heat has been almost insufferable.

Famous quotes containing the word insufferable

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I was a modest, good-humoured boy. It is Oxford that has made me insufferable.... more
Tell me, how do you cope so calmly With crazy youth's arrogant way? Indeed, youth would be insufferable, Ha... more
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