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Even the two organs in the choir loft are decorated, with angels playing instruments.
Cook boxed up his expedition records, except for his diary, and his instruments.
It is marvellous how quickly an experienced hand can clear the ground in a forest with one of these instruments.
When used as instruments of beauty, they may add to the rhythmic structure of a poem the element of melody.
The current students' obsession with grading can be solved with numerous instruments--feedback can be numeric or commentary.
From time to time, exhibits of torture instruments go on tour.
They rigged up their own instruments, such as a wooden plank outfitted with a single string and two pickups.
Musical instruments don't use much timber, but when they do, it's usually prized wood.
Spacecraft and the instruments they carry must become completely autonomous.
Change the beat and the instruments around the voice, and her songs could work anywhere.
Hundreds of gauges and instruments went dark or froze.
If you do get your camera and instruments inside, you may have trouble grasping the appendix.
Simply looking at the instruments of his own failure.
The sound was bright, alive, responsive to all registers and instruments.
But they remain blunt instruments, guided by principles and conditions that differ from those in civilian society.
And now, a select few people will have the special treat of playing one of these rare and expensive musical instruments.
Thanks mainly to keener instruments and more powerful computers, forecasters are extending their reach into the uncertain future.
However, without precise instruments, verification has proved elusive.
The instruments record a continuing pattern of heaving and bulging and act as an early warning system.
Instruments and cameras inside the trap allow scientists to monitor a captured fish's behavior and biology.
But the dolphins' contracting stomachs had stymied vets' attempts to use instruments to remove the objects.
The other two arms wielded the surgical instruments.
All are specially outfitted, not with weapons but with scientific instruments.
These diving instruments suggest that the oceans have not warmed up at all over the past four or five years.
We target, but sample deeply, using multiple instruments.
Their lack of calibrated instruments to measure brain activity certainly prevent them from having any relevant observations.
Nor do they explain peoples' ability to play the piano or harp or wind instruments with both hands, or ambidextrousness.
They are alive only through their paint's and instruments.
There were many earlier string instruments but they sounded quite different.
Technology and innovation have brought unprecedented breadth, depth and richness to financial instruments.
Among money-market mutual funds, which invest in short-term debt and other instruments, it is the other way round.
Surgical instruments can be heat-sterilised or treated with ultraviolet light, but that is not appropriate for everything.
Smart investors preferred to make bearish bets via more bespoke instruments.
At present much of this work is done by hand or by adapting existing instruments and devices.
In addition, instruments on the tether will allow the water column to be monitored continuously throughout its depth.
As he travelled, he set up instruments called magnetometers to measure electric currents in the upper atmosphere.
But they are essentially instruments of state power.
Debt instruments as well as equities are a headache for both life and non-life insurers.
Messenger's instruments should help settle the question and shed more light on the early history of the solar system.
The wave of litigation over dodgy debt instruments is still swelling.
And bagpipes, by long tradition, counted as instruments of war.
Hybrid instruments-part debt, part equity-will be discouraged since these proved bad at absorbing losses.
Diversity was important, in countries as well as instruments.
These financial instruments are used by companies to hedge against the risk of weather-related losses.
The quake was the first of its size to be measured and studied by the new worldwide array of digital seismic instruments.
The airline said it will finance the purchase from internal resources, including bank loans and other debt instruments.
The agency has banned cellphones from use while planes are airborne out of concern they could interfere with aircraft instruments.
Between the speed of the vehicle and the spacing in-between instruments, there was a lot of physics to consider.
The instruments are plastic facsimiles festooned with brightly colored buttons.
Optional instrument controllers based on the instruments used by the band will also be available.
Doesn't always cut through other instruments in a cramped practice space setting.
Packing multiple instruments into a single project leads to increased costs without necessarily delivering more science.
However, until the instruments actually take data, one never knows.
Collectively, these are regarded as the oldest known musical instruments.
Solar panels there could generate near-constant power for people and instruments.
The plane was loaded with instruments for studying how ice forms in clouds.
The result was a top-heavy economy with more and more money flowing into increasingly unstable and mysterious instruments.
Astronauts were never the critical element in putting those instruments in place.
In the orchestra pit, the musicians shielded their instruments and cowered under sheets of butcher paper.
Stringed instruments sound different for many reasons.
Information about the scientific objectives of the various instruments may be found here.

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