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Indeed, the chocolate was no doubt instrumental in keeping your sores from being worse than they otherwise would have been.
It is infused with lost tunes, melodies which one hears behind the elaborate instrumental configurations.
Satellite data instrumental in combating desertification.
Instrumental in developing many fundamental elements of the personal and notebook computers.
The accompanying instrumental idiom sounded more faceless than anything else.
Clicking the mouse is an instrumental touch of the device that purveys an intangible thing through it.
The efforts his heirs have made to protect-and share-his extraordinary archive have been instrumental in keeping his name alive.
The pesticide, which killed insects that spread typhus and malaria, was almost certainly instrumental in saving millions of lives.
All because of the debt ceiling crisis they were unquestionably instrumental for.
Perkins has been instrumental in modernizing the ancient weapon.
They were left with a faint, nearly uniform glow that exceeded the inherent instrumental error.
Fiber optics and digital imaging have been instrumental in revolutionizing communication and computing.
The album includes a few instrumental pieces that really captures the transition between your travels from the desert to the city.
Jerry's vision was and is an instrumental part of the vibrant real estate market.
He has already thrown the tea party under the bus by correctly pointing out that they were not instrumental in his election.
Cartography has been instrumental to geography throughout the ages.
Over the instrumental record, solar energy has been flat while global temps have gone up.
He was instrumental in enhancing the residency program in anesthesia.
They have been instrumental in helping to train our two rescue dogs.
Other people's freedom and other people's sovereignty are not ends in themselves, only instrumental towards one's own advantage.
There was much instrumental groaning and moaning and plucking.
In other languages similar forms may express local or instrumental or still other relations.
It had a wonderful way of materializing from the instrumental background, as if from the ether.
Veterans' educational benefits in general have been instrumental in expanding the number of students in college.
Perhaps the part of the song that arouses our lizard brain is the instrumental opening.
Four insects can be used at once, with each one generating a distinct instrumental sound.
New developments in software design were instrumental in making science useful to art history.
It cloaks its craggy melodies within knotty instrumental textures.
Music is an art form that can be instrumental, vocal or a combination of the two.
But only they can hear the instrumental accompaniment, because it's going into their earbuds.
Four instrumental interludes and multiple jams interrupted momentum.

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