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But, as often in finance, an instrument designed for insurance became a tool for speculators.
Means, instrument, or agent of an action or process: adornment.
It also means creating a debt instrument that investors can believe in.
So an instrument that could already be heard almost all over the campus can now be heard around the world.
It's worse when it makes a legal instrument illegible to the citizens who safety and property are guarded by the law.
When judged by its size, our vocal system fails to impress as a musical instrument.
His answer: a series of physical plug-ins, soundboards that alter the instrument's sound by changing the instrument physically.
Remove visible bubbles from the jar with a plastic knife, chopstick or other nonmetallic instrument.
Scientists once thought the nerdiest instrument was the theremin.
Soon the instrument of pleasing people becomes the goal of pleasing people.
Few people are interested in the original purpose of this instrument.
Modern guitarists have a new option when it comes to learning their instrument.
It leads a triple life, at once a harmony instrument, a melody instrument and a percussion instrument.
In fact, my homemade instrument can readily detect shifts a mere thousandth of the ambient field.
The declaration proved compelling as a statement of principles, but too general and vague to be useful as a legal instrument.
Onlookers admire a shoulder-mounted flame instrument and its scantily clad fire player.
He disliked speculation, and any instrument over-geared to make money.
And at the same time, there's something to be said for the sound of the instrument unadorned.
Allowing companies to hedge their risks is the whole point of the instrument.
All except for one small keyboard instrument on display.
And a lot of composers simply don't write in an idiomatic fashion for the instrument.
Nature looks at a troubled history, some remarkable discoveries and the future of the instrument.
His new instrument works by reading volcanic gases from a distance, using a small telescope linked to a chemical sensor.
The instrument uses neutrons to pick up on hydrogen used in casings and explosives found in both plastic and metal land mines.
But it only embraced capitalism in so far as it could be used as an instrument of state power.
He plays his fine vocal instrument with great sweetness, yet there is an undercurrent of sadness.
First of all the humidity, if the instrument is too dry, or too humid.
Indeed, the first applications of the new material may be in some instrument working at this not-quite-atomic scale.
In the case of the note, that object is a musical instrument.
He was, however, a talented guitarist who took to the instrument as though born to it.
The moment-magnitude scale is not a pure instrument measurement.
He took things easy, hid throat lozenges in his handkerchief, and looked after his instrument.
Do you play a musical instrument, write a song and play an instrument.
Of course, the unmanned aircraft's reputation as an instrument of war is well deserved.
Isn't that similar to playing any instrument in the same room as a piano.
Most people think of tariffs as the main instrument of protectionism, but we've learnt during the crisis that there are many more.
But where it came from or how it was distributed remained unclear due to instrument limitations.
Our government was not intended to be an instrument of the few to manipulate the many.
The instrument readily detects changes and sends signals to a monitoring device.
Touching is often necessary, as the professor teaches students how to breathe or place their fingers on an instrument.
To the public, the university is an ideological instrument.
Feathers did, of course, eventually become an instrument of flight.
The instrument makes possible the product, the product refines the instrument.
Their signatures ought, in my opinion, to have been annexed to their instrument.
There never was such an instrument devised for consecrating all deep-seated prejudices.
He often couldn't leave his apartment, let alone play an instrument.
Paper was important not to facilitate creative collaboration and thought but as an instrument of control.
The frame keeps the instrument steady and at a measured distance from the skin.
Birds not only create vocal sound, they point out, some also add a percussion instrument to their songs.
The more powerful the instrument, the more information it can gather to give context to the images.
Details are still hazy about what went wrong, but the problem appears to lie with an instrument called a star sensor.
The turntable was their musical instrument, much as a guitar or drums are in a traditional band.
Ask him how to check the doneness of a piece of meat, and he might suggest a scientific instrument known as a thermometer.
He has been allocated time to take another picture with that same instrument next summer.
So it is no small feat to create an inexpensive fluorescent microscope, an instrument often used by medical researchers.
The instrument of its revival was the wave theory of light.
Most may never visit the instrument their data is coming from, even if it's a ground-based scope.
Temperature can affect the sound of an instrument in a variety of ways, which are different for each instrument.
Further confounding us was that it did not happen with every instrument.
Even it can not be detected by any instrument as the dark matter does not radiate electromagnetic radiation.
Obviously some sort of subtle magnetic phenomenon, perhaps not unlike instrument joggling anomalies one encounters at sea.
The reason is that it will be so small that no instrument available today would be capable of measuring it even over a century.
He realized he could create a musical instrument by fine-tuning the controls for oscillators.
To his instrument-maker's eye, this was suggestive of a fixed central gear around which other moving gears could rotate.
As with any new instrument, some investors may be exposed to risks they do not understand.
The sixth suite curiously calls for an instrument with five strings, whereas the cello has only four.
And economic sanctions are themselves a blunt instrument that sometimes harm the people more than the rulers.
Money can only be used as an accepted medium of exchange or an instrument of calculation.
Under state capitalism, governments do not so much reject the market as use it as an instrument of state power.
Music nuts lust after spatial sound: output so precise you can pinpoint each instrument's location in the recording hall.
Optional instrument controllers based on the instruments used by the band will also be available.
It is an instrument for promoting social welfare, and as the conditions essential to that welfare change, so must it change.
Nuclear war cannot be used, as war has been used in the past, as an instrument of national policy.
There's new soft-touch materials on the door panels, glove box and lower instrument panel.
The red theme continues with a red-illuminated instrument cluster and red overhead and footwell lighting.
In this uncertain environment one crucial instrument of unity and stability was the newly introduced, compulsory education system.
Encourage local musicians of all ages to bring their instrument of choice to join in.
The brain is our instrument in focusing and organizing our consciousness.
It's his instrument, in the musical and also the scientific sense: a delicate, finely calibrated recording device.
Most of the tracks clock in at about five minutes, with solid melodies and abundant pace and instrument changes.
Corazon then became her husband's instrument, smuggling messages out of prison and raising funds for the opposition.
Each instrument is designed to complement the other instruments in the suite and is expected to benefit several areas of science.
In addition to the above, there are numerous sealed sources ranging from instrument check sources to sources used for radiography.

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