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Lois is a part-time swim instructor and personal trainer.
Some years ago, an instructor asked us to close our eyes and picture a plant in our minds.
Fear is an instructor of great sagacity and the herald of all revolutions.
He here enlightens the souls of his servants, and is their interior instructor.
If he himself hadn't been bayonet instructor he'd have gone up to line three months sooner, probably been killed.
My instructor creates an atmosphere in which ideas can be exchanged freely.
Instructor presents concepts, students follow and perhaps ask questions for clarification.
Crooks is also an instructor, teaching architecture to high school and college students.
First-timers can get in on the fun by sailing in tandem with a licensed instructor.
The instructor can insure that next summer the enrollment is high.
Can listen to instructor-led audio workout routines via proprietary memory cards.
The test drives put drivers in control of all vehicle inputs as they responded to directions from a sighted driving instructor.
It's time to run through another descent exercise, an instructor tells them over an intercom.
Inside, the sailor plugs into an air valve to start inflating the suit while an instructor attaches a safety tether.
Again, this former logic instructor can see no sophistry in it.
Nor did his intermittent employment as a writer and painting instructor go far towards making up the difference.
The number of foreign trainers has been doubled, improving those instructor-pupil ratios.
Sink or swim, and part of your promotability included effectiveness as an instructor.
As soon as her instructor's dissecting knife cuts into the cadaver's skin, a medical student swoons, falling to the floor.
As a college instructor, this has been a major challenge.
For example, an instructor's reaction to students' questions in an introductory course.
Finally, the drill instructor came back in and expressed his satisfaction with a yellow smile.
It was an aside by a prior-service civilian instructor.
Each of us should be so lucky as to have her as our instructor.
Even without an instructor, it can sometimes work out what to do.
Do it online with other people from an expert instructor anywhere in the world.
The workshop instructor had published a novel and a collection of short stories.
Eventually she wrote a story that was about her grandfather killing chickens, and the instructor seemed pleased with it.
In eighth grade, he went to the band instructor, announcing his interest in joining up.
My mom took a food safety course and the instructor told her there are meat surplus auctions.
Being able to get college students to pay attention to an instructor isn't easy.
Unless the student is in the habit of idolizing an instructor, little usually comes of it.
Students would sometime test their instructor by not flipping their coins randomly.

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