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Example sentences for instructive

The segment never aired but the experience was instructive-only not in the way my motley friends intended.
Thank you for this wonderful and instructive article.
Screens are made and used in instructive and destructive ways.
In other words, the process is much more instructive than the substance.
Comparisons with other instruments are instructive but do not answer all questions.
But the story of this particular medicine is instructive.
Recognizing what those adaptations might be could be helpful or otherwise instructive.
It is instructive to see how quickly evolutionists were to jump on a fossil finding that they believe proves their theory.
The comment train following the article is also instructive.
It's instructive that the ozone layer is mentioned here.
It's instructive that your next resort is to demand censorship.
Because its fascinating and instructive to read about her.
And the reality of how health reform has come about elsewhere is both surprising and instructive.
It was instructive to watch her, invariably dressed to show a lovely d├ęcolletage, working the room.
It's not one of the really beautiful games, but it's instructive.
When business sickens, it is instructive to read reports of the expensive specialists, summoned to her bedside.
It's more instructive, perhaps, to look at far older measures.
More instructive is the way the drama played out politically, and the echoes in the responses today.
The difference in emphasis in the two accounts is instructive.
The contrast between the two events was instructive.
He gave the reader an instructive and amusing account of pitfalls in the lecture trade.
Some have been reflective and instructive, while others have sought to challenge and inspire.
It is instructive, also, to notice what books of his command the largest sale.
His conversation was always pleasing, and frequently interesting and instructive in the highest degree.
We know a simple but instructive example for such a change of feeling.
The study of a habit of mind, with its tenacity of life, is an instructive and entertaining branch of history.
The works are instructive, often beautiful and occasionally thrilling.
The contrast with the judicial response to terrorism is instructive.
In many cases, they'll also provide a more instructive view of the progress of the recovery than will the unemployment rate alone.
The performance of emerging-market equities has also been instructive.
Considering their surface commonalities it would be more instructive to contrast them.
The simulation makes for fascinating, and instructive, watching.
As both are nevertheless wide-ranging scholars, they make their mistakes in instructive ways.
When efforts to prevent terrorism have curtailed liberty even further, the results have been instructive.
So it is particularly instructive to look this week at our own commodity price index.
And his choice of companions during the broadcast was instructive.
It was an instructive exercise, and even a little cheering.
Yet those statistics from half a century ago do reveal a few differences that may be instructive.
The reaction of the big credit-rating agencies was prompt and instructive.
But even if small firms cannot do it all themselves, their business models may be instructive.
But it is instructive to see how public near-fury over the outrageous awards common in the banking sector affects politics.
Sumo wrestlers are a colorful and instructive exception.
But their stories are also instructive, for they shed light on a number of basic questions that concern all of us.
More instructive are the apparent coincidences, where chance is not involved.
That's why polyandry is far more instructive than one would expect from its limited frequency.
It is instructive in that it is typical of a certain mindset.
And updates that demonstrate same are always welcome and frequently instructive.
Yet if other systems are instructive here, then these alterations are important for the ability to combine atoms into molecules.
Indeed, the electromagnetism example can be quite instructive.
Perhaps, before you comment, you might find it instructive to look at the entire thread of thought.
In presenting your alleged refutations, you give only one link, and it is instructive.
As such, it is interesting and instructive to see its effects all over the world.
Because the difference in the way the garment is worn is exaggerated, it's an instructive example.
And even disappointing results can be instructive if they yield enough data.
And the dynamics of the groups are themselves instructive.
Here is an instructive video about the song's holy chord progression.
It is instructive to see what sectors of the for profits have the highest default rates.
There is a final pleasure available in this cold climate, and it will be instructive to see how many dare it.
And the builds are beautiful and instructive, creative, and amazing.
My father, who served on many hiring committees at the state university where he teaches, once told me an instructive story.
The exposure to another culture, however cursory, is also stimulating and instructive.
Harshness for its own sake is often not instructive.
While what happens in biological networks is certainly much more complex and subtle, the simple model is still instructive.
Instructive too are the differing styles of argumentation among responses.
The parallels between them are striking and instructive.
It will be instructive to see what elements you find common to them all.
Here's an entertaining, but instructive, blast of past reality.
The dollar values are more instructive than a draft regarding how the industry views a player.
Within that bigger picture, though, there's a smaller and instructive story.
The direction other authoritarian governments take toward any incipient protest movements will be instructive.
And even if it were to fail, the instructive power of the exercise would be considerable.
Month-to-month movements can be instructive, but in this uneven recovery it's important to look at the longer term performance.
The other prominent movies about the financial crisis offer instructive proof.
The picture above is instructive, but also selective.
Your essays are erudite but are also accessible and instructive.
But it was also instructive for what it revealed about human nature.
Our changing understanding of horse evolution provides another instructive example.
It is instructive and humbling for a reviewer who thinks he knows how to write to be called to account for rhetorical failures.
But one need not look beyond the founder for a striking and instructive example of the generalizing impulse.
It is instructive to consider those rival celebrities currently overshadowed by the royal couple.
Moreover, they have refined as well as simplified: they will be instructive to professional students of politics.
Exigencies of space prevent me from commenting upon all of her choice items, but to list a few is instructive.
Mothers are stimulating and instructive in ways that an electrically heated facsimile can never be-that's for sure.
If this expectation is disappointed, the book is nevertheless instructive.
Much of the research inspired by the new interest is valuable, instructive, and stimulating.
For those of us lucky enough to eavesdrop, it's instructive as well-part caveat emptor, part intellectual high bar.
On the contrary, her failures are more instructive than her successes.
They would be displayed in a way that would be instructive to a large public, as well as protective of the objects themselves.
And yet it is instructive, in some ways especially now.
Wherever they do differ on details, it can in itself be instructive.
In the face of all this purposeful commotion, it is instructive to look for literary antecedents.
He lost this year, and the manner of his losing is instructive.
The crimes for which the guilty died were instructive.
Fortunately the vote was merely a test, and the disruption was designed to be instructive.

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