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Example sentences for instructions

Feed monthly with a complete houseplant fertilizer, following label instructions.
Fertilize every other week with fish emulsion, or use a granular organic fertilizer according to instructions.
Beans and sunflowers were started from seed, following package instructions.
Sometimes a recipe, especially a historical one, is more than the sum of its instructions.
We ask that a set of instructions be drawn up for the citizens to direct their movements.
Following instructions from an emergency physician on the phone, they began cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
What happened is they failed to follow his instructions.
Musicians received brief instructions, rehearsed equally briefly, and then played for as long as felt right.
The kids were selected largely on the basis of their ability to carry out instructions.
We were urged to remain calm, to stay inside, to await further instructions.
It is filled with helpful instructions on how to build an inflatable boat, catch edible fireflies, and make fishing lures.
However the queries are formatted, if you don't receive clear instructions on how to respond to them, be sure to ask.
Therefore, s/he hasn't e-mailed you, per your own instructions.
Your application instructions will indicate which of those charts, if any, is sought.
And the orchestra can keep those pages forever, preserving the instructions that librarians laboriously pencil into scores.
They can look at a list of groceries and see shopping instructions.
Of course, the robot cannot solve the puzzle without explicit instructions on how to do so.
Firmware is a software program or set of instructions programmed on a hardware device.
It provides the necessary instructions for how the device communicates with the other computer hardware.
The instructions are determined by how the neurons are connected to each other.
To unsubscribe from one of our newsletters, click this link and follow the instructions.
The teacher turned to the chalkboard, her book open on the desk, and began to write instructions for the children to copy.
She was absorbed, calling out the instructions as she wrote.
Her father didn't have to call out any instructions.
If he decides that the instructions for a job are not right, he has the authority to depart from them.
Our zoning laws are essentially a manual of instructions for creating the stuff of our communities.
If the instructions on a bag of rice say a cup of rice to two cups of water, it can be a teacup of rice to two teacups of water.
Even if one could careless for yours and other's safety, following crew member instructions is the law.
It is never enough to read the instructions on a form to understand how it should be filled in.
Price is ready with detailed and helpful instructions.
It isn't going to instantaneously scale up to a robust multiprocessing data path and achieve high instructions per clock.
Most software programs are made up of instructions that tell a computer to take a series of actions in a certain order.
The first took medication instructions from physicians who monitored the sensor data.
Watch the robot obey instructions to retrieve a stapler.
Subjects are directed to the room but are given no instructions except to wait for the experimenter.
Yet it protects the proprietary routing instructions that differentiate one company's hardware from another.
Often, this content is pre-prepared or the posters receive detailed instructions on the type of things they can say.
Go to one of the sites below and follow the instructions for doing so.
Applications may include enhanced product information, promotional games or contests, or even instructions for use.
If you don't know the ticker symbol, see instructions below.
Too bad these instructions don't automatically appear on the screen.
The instructions on how to reverse it are below, after the jump.
One of the best things about the company is its detailed instructions on how to perform the task.
The hooks and patches have an adhesive that won't damage the wall if the removal instructions are followed properly.
And when you do believe what you're hearing, you don't follow instructions anyway.
We suggest you read through these instructions before beginning the process.
All spiders have silk genes, which provide the biological instructions for making different proteins.
Cover your work area with plastic and read the instructions on the dye package.
Call or write these organizations for specific instructions.
It's a new idea: a permanent set of instructions on how the computer should operate.
It could only perform operations in the precise linear order it received instructions.
At the same time, users didn't want to read instructions on how to use an app.
But if you are new to the game, the instructions also give detailed information on all the different cards in the deck.
He was roughly treated in the selection process, probably on the instructions of those who fear courts with sharper teeth.
Their job is to carry instructions from the genes to a cell's protein-making machinery.
The others were given no instructions on what to drink.
But instructions are no use unless they can be executed, and executed in an appropriate way.
The new law also lays down detailed instructions for the way in which memorials and plaques may be inscribed.
He says it is quite simple to find the instructions needed to build a parabolic or laser microphone on the web.
They decide who can join their cosy clubs and expect the rest of the world to obey the instructions they hand down.
Independent reports suggest the airline failed to implement the aircraft manufacturer's instructions to replace a faulty part.
Spot-checks are carried out to make sure instructions are followed to the letter.
He talked of his father, a great reporter, bequeathing him his first newspaper with instructions to use it for good purposes.
To kick off evolution, the researchers will equip each of a herd of robots with various random combinations of instructions.
But genes themselves need instructions for what to do, and where and when to do it.
The kit included instructions for how to collect my spit.
The computer translates changes in that voltage into instructions for the simulator's automated controls.
Some are built using instructions from nuclear genes, while others are built using mitochondrial genes.
There may be a lot of interesting obsolete instructions hidden in our genes.
Apple did not provide the necessary instructions that would allow the machine to send messages to other computers by telephone.
If you don't understand the instructions, ask a flight attendant to explain.
Their instructions must be broken down carefully because their working memory is weak.
Twice a year she travels for business and before she leaves she types out these long instructions for him.
Please follow these instructions, and all other instructions throughout the process, as you file your report.

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